MULVA is heartfelt lyrics combined with captivating melodies and boundless energy.
Listen to them once and you’ll find you can’t get their catchy songs out of your head.

The roots of MULVA started about 10 years ago when Joyce and Shawn first met playing in a NJ cover band. Although the band sounded great, the desire to write and play their own music eventually led them start their own project. Throughout the years they would get together playing acoustically, while playing in various bands that never seemed to feel right. But with Joyce’s beautiful voice, Shawn’s tasteful guitar work and great songs they always knew that someday it would all come together.

Finally in 2003 they hooked up with Frank, a powerful crazy ass drummer with a fanatical bass drum. While unsuccessfully searching for the right bass player, Frank approached his longtime friend Jimmy. After their first jam, Shawn and Joyce were immediately impressed with his great feel and punchy licks.

MULVA was born.

They are currently building a strong following playing at various venues throughout NJ & NYC.