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"mumbledust in Top 25 of 2012"

mumbledust's EP 'Vacations' gets number 20 out of 25 top releases of 2012. - Fuzzbook

"[mumbledust] crawled into the body of a pregnant Ellen Page and ran through cornfields with a banjo in arm."

Cuando algunos nos caímos en el pozo de los Moldy Peaches hay cosas que nos revuelven el estómago como la ascensión sin límite de grupos como Mumford.

No es que tenga ningún argumento demoledor contra su música (aunque los de Vice dicen que sí), es ”bonica”, pero yo creo que la autocompasión de ese tipo de letras tan hipócritamente bucólicas no llevan a nada de nada.

Por eso me alegro de que siguan naciendo bandas rollo Spook Houses o los tipos de los que hablaré hoy, mumbledust, que se estrenan oficialmente con su corto Vacations EP.

Con un rollo americana demasiado atractivo, estos simpáticos amigos de Savannah (Georgia), nos meten en el cuerpo de una Ellen Page prematuramente embarazada que corre por campos de maíz con un banjo bajo sus brazos.

Es folkeo americana sin demasiadas contemplaciones, ritmos sencillos pero que te hacen oler la madera roída de las casas abandonadas de Savannah. Baja fidelidad de la no intencionada.

It was recorded on a poor microphone with the best of intentions.

Jorge Regula sigue vivo. - Jipsters

"Music Matters: From SCAD dorms to Savannah stages, mumbledust delivers"

Rachael Perisho (singer and musical saw player) and Ryan McCardle (banjo and guitar player) have combined their talents in Mumbledust to create a sound they call folk noir/dark folk.

Of their name, Ryan says: “I think it’s very telling of the sounds we make and the words we speak — very gentle and minimal with some concern for the happenings of the past.”

They credit the first song Ryan wrote for the band, titled “Elvis, TN,” as the inspiration for their name. The song’s first line is:

In the dust we start to mumble

about things we should have had

things we should have had

“In a sense, that one line basically built the foundation for us,” Ryan explains. “Our name, our motif and eventually — going through about three different treatments for that song alone — our style.”

Rachael and Ryan met in their experimental large format drawing class at SCAD in early 2010, and they “soon realized that we were the best of friends and decided to make music on a whim later that year. We had played in bedrooms and living rooms off and on for friends, but it wasn’t until this summer when we decided to start playing out.”

Rachael recalls they started slow, “experimenting and collecting instruments and teaching ourselves how to play them. We didn’t really let anyone hear anything we made for a long time.”

The wait has been worth it, as they just released “Vacations EP,” a collection of bedroom recordings on tape/digital download that were originally taped during summer 2011 and released through Ryan’s record label Furious Hooves.

“We are also planning to record new songs and re-record some old ones soon,” Rachael says. “I think we have changed a fair amount in the past couple of years since we first wrote and recorded — in the way we write, the instruments we are using, the sounds we are making and the way we’re putting it all together into something we feel is more developed and distinctive. We are excited to document and share that.”

Both multitalented creative types, Rachael also manages the vintage clothing shop Civvies on Broughton, plays with other local bands including Tramp Stamps and Dare Dukes and paints.

Ryan is a full-time graphic designer and works in-house for a few record labels including Captured Tracks, Graveface and Flannel Gurl.

They feel Savannah is fitting for not only their creative pursuits but also their sound and lyrics.

“Savannah has a sense of eeriness, nostalgia and a bit of the eclectic, that I think echoes in our songs,” Rachael says.

They are optimistic about the direction our music scene is headed.

“Slowly more venues are popping up, which means more access for traveling artists and more hype for locals, especially in the past months to a year ago,” Ryan says. “Graveface Records & Curiosities has definitely helped spring a step into the community. Especially with the all-ages Graveface Fest happening this Halloween, bringing in all kinds of amazing talent from all over the states, that alone should encourage more all-age venues to pop up. - Savannah Now

"mumbledust: folk noir from Savannah"

I’d listened to mumbledust several times online in recent weeks and was anxious to see them live for the first time. So I stopped at Graveface Records & Curiosities on Friday evening for an in-store performance that also included Alex Killeen and The Moon and You from Asheville.

mumbledust is a duo of Rachael Perisho and Ryan McCardle. Perisho has a clear, almost languid voice that’s especially interesting when she’s playing the saw. On banjo and guitar, McCardle’s voice is firm, beautiful, and oddly quiet — at least in Friday’s unplugged performance in the store.

mumbledust’s understated folk noir commands attention. - Savannah Unplugged


2012 - Vacations EP
2011 - Last Night I Walked With A Zombie [Split Single]
2011 - Dirty Covers Mixtape Vol.01 [Compilation]



mumbledust is the musical endeavour of Rachael Perisho and Ryan McCardle. Drifting from the darkness of folk noir, mumbledust seems to capture the eerie sounds and delicate hauntings of the past.

The two began creating music in Savannah, Georgia while attending art and design school. They incorporate the use of singing saw, banjo, banjolele, guitar, accordion, toy piano, stomps and claps, voices, ambience and anything else they can find to employ as instruments as best they can.

mumbledust’s latest release is a collection of bedroom recordings entitled ‘Vacations’ EP done between various old haunted Savannah homes in the summer of 2011. It was recorded on a poor microphone with the best of intentions and was released in September 2012.