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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Indie


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(refer to link) - The Key (wxpn)

Coming up from the underbelly of Philly's DIY basement scene, noise-pop/fuzz-punk four-piece Mumblr is gearing up for the release of White Jesus Black God via Fleeting Youth Records. The album is a combination of two previous EPs, and will be available on limited edition cassette (50 copies) and digitally on November 12 - The Deli Magazine: Philadelphia

Four piece outfit Mumblr from Kensington, North Philadelphia play a genre of music that they dub “fuzz punk”. With the stylings of second-wave emo bands such as The Promise Ring and an early Modest Mouse alternative punk feel their track “Puke” off of their upcoming release is one hell of a listen. Rapid distorted guitar strums, clamouring drums, and frantic vocals combined with the refrain, “I don’t know anything why do you lie to me?” is a recipe for distress leaving you eager for more. Mumblr have combined both of their EP’s to be released on a lush red cassette titled White Jesus/Black God via Austin, Texas based Fleeting Youth Records. Stream Puke along with the entire release below and pre-order the cassette and digital album here. - Lost In The Sound

Who are Mumblr? Well, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know who they are, but you should, you should be a least aware of them. They are a Philadelphia Punk Band whose album White Jesus/Black God is out on either Cassette or Digital Download, something that Henry Rollins himself loves. Basically they’ve put together 12 solid songs to rock out to in your bedroom, but not violently and recklessly like when listening to White Lung, but in that cool 90′s way that the internet (tumblr) seems to love. It has enough fuzzy guitar riffs to keep you warm on a lonely night in. - Audio/Stereo

Taking cues from their predecessor and mentors (and let’s face it, that of everyone who’s ever attempted straight, no frills punk rock & roll) Fugazi, Mumblr (whose name is an obvious dig, or perhaps some bizarre homage to, the website Tumblr) writes at once catchy and also noisy punk rock songs that have more emphasis on the “rock” part, not interested in being your run-of-the-mill throwback to a certain sound that might have once been captured perfectly but would now be better suited as a punch line, nor as a niche to try to reinvent something.

The vocals are surprising in their melodic tone, pulling off some interesting combinations of notes, as it were (because singing has notes as well, you know – not that I know what I’m talking about usually with this sort of thing, since I can’t sing to save my life), and there are some other surprising things in terms of this as well, like the moments when the vocals are fed through distortion, or the almost echoing overdubs that seem to be on purpose. I’m reminded of what little I remember about the mid-90s themselves as far as technique (I’m thinking of Sonic Youth or the Breeders). The vocalist manages interesting and catchy melody lines in the midst of a muddy and chaotic hodgepodge of quirky blasts of dissonant sounds which come almost inexplicably out of sweeter melodies that do not even feel contrived to me.

The songs they write are short, and they make you want more out of them, which is my least favorite part about this release. The band is fun, though, and strange, and interesting, and most importantly noisy, and they’re trying new old things that I do not mind at all. - Funeral Sounds

The Philly boys are back with another snappy, fuzz-smudged single from their upcoming release, White Jesus/Black God, out November 12th on Fleeting Youth Records.

Ape starts off slow and reflective as lead singer Nick Morrison makes observations about his drug-riddled neighborhood before it bursts into a steady stream of marching guitar distortion and pounding rhythms. The nervous pace continues to ebb and flow under the vocals which go on to tell a story about how drugs turn you into an animal.
It's yet another catchy song that will have you hooked on Mumblr, who has become one of my favorite east coast bands this year after wearing out their last two EPs White Jesus and Nutter (which make up the White Jesus/Black God release). I've also added another great single from the b-side, Philadelphia, an audio portrait of the city they live in that spotlights lead singer Nick Morrison's infectious voice and songwriting, as well as the band's tight arrangements that build and burst at all the right moments - Ground Floor Go

Mumblr consists of four friends who share a row home in the gritty neighborhood of Kensington in North Philadelphia. They dub their brand of noisy alternative rock “fuzz punk,” a made up sub-genre that will make sense after you hear their raucous songs full of heavily distorted guitars, clamoring drums, and impassioned shouts encouraging you to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

"Puke" is the first single from their upcoming release, White Jesus/Black God, and features lead singer Nick Morrison crooning pensive one-liners followed by bursts of furiously emotive chants. It’s aggressive, anthemic, and catchy as hell. - UndergroundMusic.FM

Philadelphia-based rock foursome Mumblr are becoming known for their ferocious hooks, which is a staple of their highly energetic sound they call “fuzz punk.” On “Puke”, the lead single from their forthcoming album White Jesus Black God, the above statement rings true as frontman Nick Morrison coos pensive one liners about someone that brings him down followed by bursts of furiously emotive chants pleading “I don’t know anything why do you lie to me?!” over agitated guitars and drums.

It’s angry yet catchy; a great example of “fuzz punk” and what Mumblr is all about. White Jesus Black God will be available on cassette and digital formats via Fleeting Youth Records on November 12th. - The Punk Site

Philadelphia-based rock foursome Mumblr have put up their first single for their upcoming release, White Jesus/Black God. The album is to be released via Fleeting Youth Records on November 12th both digitally and on cassette.

Side A (White Jesus) contains their EP White Jesus where the band “shows a knack for melody and a great ability to flick the switch between accessible and abrasive with ease” with standout songs like “Father’s Day,” an ode to an absent father that fluctuates from petulant introspection into flat-out distorted rage; “Ape,” a pounding song about drugs with a nervous pace; and “Puke,” with its pensive one-liners followed by bursts of furiously emotive chants pleading, I don’t know anything why do you lie to me?!

Side B (Black God) contains one of their most recent singles, “Philadelphia,” a portrait of the city they live in, followed by their even more frenetic and fuzzed-out 2013 EP Nutter. Full of fleeting 2-minute burners about teaching yourself to be a man (“Good Cop, Dad Cop”), meeting girls on the internet when you’re feeling lonely (“Yo, Nobody Gives a Feel”), and the end of days (“Space God”), Side B shows a band coming into their own and staking a claim on the urgent, angsty, and addictive new sub-genre: “fuzz punk.” - For The Love Of Punk

Philly punk band Mumblr have posted their new Bang Bang EP online for streaming as a teaser to their upcoming LP Full of Snakes (set for release in 2014 via Fleeting Youth Records). The new signees follow up November’s combo EP White Jesus Black God with six new tracks that showcase their sonic spectrum, barreling forward from chaotic, distorted punk jams like the title track to the somewhat more contained and poppier songs (“Party At Your House,” “All Your Fault”) that show off Nick Morrison’s super smooth vocals. Mumblr will play a set during Kat Kat Records‘ Phest Two on December 29th; tickets and information can be found here. - WXPN's "The Key"

The strangled, snarling fury of Philadelphia four-piece, Mumblr, is both a delight to the ear and a cause for concern. There’s a nervous edge across the four minutes of biting fuzz-fueled punk rock found on Ape that wholly compliments frontman Nick Morrison’s observations on drugs and the awful effects they can have on people. The thumping bridge and warped solo add to the spiraling downfall that the band’s message attempts to convey.

In a slightly less pretentious description: it’s pretty addictive stuff (pun intended).

Ape is the second track released by the band in the last week or so, building up to the release of their new album/collection, White Jesus/Black God, which houses a couple of EP’s and the odd single and is released on cassette/digitally on November 12th. Previous track Puke is another slice of ramshackle fuzz-rock; all huge slabs of guitar and gang-vocal choruses that storm in to your head and sit there for days. Turn the volume up and stream both tracks below: - Gold Flake Paint

The burgeoning Philadelphia based Punk outfit Mumblr appeared to be on a unifying mission with the release of White Jesus, Black God (Fleeting Youth Records) and its preceding lead single “Puke”…because who can’t get behind a song named after the expulsion of undigested bowel remnants? Delving deeper into this collection you’ll find a group influenced by the brutal fuzz-smothered tactics of famed Grunge purveyors past, as well one schooled in the hook-littered tendencies of Weezer, Foo Fighters, and Queens Of The Stone Age. White Jesus, Black God is where gentle artistry and brash barbarism clash and conjoin with Mumblr at the helm, orchestrating the calculated chaos, and constructing the allure. –CR - Speak Into My Good Eye

The slow-fast, quiet-loud combo that takes place on Mumblr’s new record, The Never Ending Get Down, creates a fantastic and entertaining dynamic. The Philadelphia foursome try to break some from their earlier punk/emo tag as they incorporate a much more unique approach that includes at times swirling jazz and rhythmic vocal play moments. This tweak to their formula works well as the songs and lyrics were based on lead singer/guitarist Nick Morrison’s dreams. This lets the listener interpret what they want during the mellower times and let loose when The Never Ending Get Down rocks out. At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with labeling Mumblr a little bit emo because this record runs on an emotional high but I think this album goes back beyond their years with tons of alternative rock undertones similar to bands like Hum and Jawbox. It is that edge and drumming guitar grind that has Mumblr repeatedly slipping back into my playlist and making The Never Ending Get Down their best record to date! - The Fire Note

Mumblr’s 2014 debut album Full Of Snakes was made up of songs that were outwardly brash and often very goofy, but deeply introspective and reflective. The Philadelphia rockers are following up that record later this year with their second full-length, The Never-Ending Get Down, and lead single “Microwave” is a nervy, energetic continuation of that style. The band gets that life’s one big cosmic joke, and any hopes of upward mobility are crushed by reality. Lead singer Nick Morrison explains:
When I was a kid my dad worked the night shift at the animal cracker factory. My mom went to work in the morning and woke me up for kindergarten. I stayed at home by myself until my dad returned from his shift to put me on the bus before he went to sleep. He couldn’t cook so I always had a microwaved lunch everyday before school. Bagel Bites, microwaved pizza, etc. A lot of bread and cheese.

This song is about biology vs circumstance. It’s about not being able to escape the reality that your parents and your environment make for you. It’s about coming to terms with that reality and giving it a big middle finger. But is that middle finger pointed at them or yourself? - Stereogum


Corner Store EP (9/25/13)

White Jesus, Black God (11/12/13)

Sorry Daddy (11/23/13)

Bang Bang EP (12/19/13)

Full Of Snakes (9/16/14)

The Never Ending Get Down (6/10/16)                                                                       



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