Ames, Iowa, USA

Our live show is where we bring all our energy. Sweat is poured, shirts are shed, hoops are hula-ed, backs are rode on and joy is exhumed. The instruments and antics are so loud and powerful the whole audience becomes the band.


Originally a solo project, Mumford’s was named in honor of late jazz musician Don Mumford, who helped launch the movement that developed the Ames music scene. Since then, the band has grown to include some of Iowa’s best-known musicians including members of Christopher the Conquered and Leslie and the Lys. The talented crew puts on a live show they describe as an explosion of energy, featuring choreographed dances, a blasting horn section and spontaneous audience involvement. Their unique sound incorporates a wide range of styles and instrumentations; their narrative lyrics cut a wide swath, from funny and offbeat to thoughtful and probing to sarcastic and defiant.


Triple Trinities - LP - Vinyl -
Eyes - LP -
Characters - 7"
Kiss The Ring - 7"
The Way That I Live - 7"