Mummy Short Arms

Mummy Short Arms


Mummy Short Arms - Fresh From the Forest of Twang


Mummy Short Arms come from various corners of Scotland - Ayrshire, Glasgow, Kingussie - and have been playing since 2004. The aim is to write catchy dirty pop songs with Captain Beefheart type vocals and have a bit of fun with it. Influences include pavement, Captain Beefheart, the pixies, Depeche Mode and various others. Currently recording an album to be released in the summer.


Not released anything as of yet, however "Mexican Girl" had had a bit of airplay on BBCRadio 1 a couple of times as well as on Jim Gellatly's show on XFM.

Set List

Typically 30 minutes long, not usually with any covers but the odd Pixies song used to be thrown in during the early days to give James a chance to shout his head off!