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Mums FP

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I like to help people think deeper in my music by telling a story, being a little political and all that over amazing production.


Born in Boston, M A. Mums FP was labeled a Military brat traveling around the World with his family eventually settling down in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Mums FP again has been labeled, this time the label is sticking like lyrical crazy glue and is a true representation of FP.

“ Mums FP Aka One Take, Da Pittsburgh Representer” claiming PA as the base for his Northern Hip Hop roots Mums F.P. now calls Atlanta his home. Completing his High school years in Atlanta GA Mums F.P. fused his northern flow with Southern bounce making Mum’s stand out in any forum. Mums FP takes his lyric’s from right to the left effortlessly with catchy stick to the back of ya brain choruses that crowds recite at the point of the mic yet Mums FP is always conscious of his lyrical content. Never forgetting that music is not just for barbeques and clubs but music was made to heal the soul. The “F” in Mums F.P. should stand for focus as he states in his smash Hit single Titled “Bounce” warning MC’s with a quick line stating “Your Removal is Necessary I’m So Focused” Yet dropping current events shouting out Obama and giving the Prez another quick catchy one liner “Obama’s in the house, tax cuts now I’m in the W, Yea” As sharp as Mums FP’s one liners are is his knowledge of the music business is just as sharp always eager to learn more. Interning at Disturbing The Peace Mums F. P. had the pleasure of working with artist such as Jagged Edge but more important to Mums F.P. was working under the tutelage of Derrick Lawson who introduced Mums F P to another side of the music business. The side of the business that ignited F.P. to ghost write for local up coming artist in Metro Atlanta catching the ear of an prominent hip Hop artist. Mums FP was retained by the artist and wrote “We Use To Chill” sparking the artist to try and capture 100% of the publishing. Sharp with the business skills Mums F.P. retained 100% of his publishing produced and performed “We Use To Chill” creating an instant street buzz. Working with producer Goose the duo produce the hits “Levi Denim” and “Song Go” that kept the F.P. buzz alive, along with recording freestyles to hot instrumentals and posting them on YouTube and Facebook. Now managed by Kei Opens Doors Management & Enoch Entertainment & Management Group, Mums F.P and his polished team are creating an Hundred fold buzz with Mums lead single Titled “Bounce”. Bouncing Mums F.P. from an Atlanta local cat doing it on the underground circuit to a bi-costal Artist hitting everything in-between creating a street and internet buzz that is growing by the hour, minute and second. Mums F.P. realizes that it is one thing to make a record to kick back and listen to, but on the real, its another thing to have the skill and creativity to deliver joints that make people get up and dance!, dance even when they know dam well they cant dance! When Mums FP is not performing the party moves to his banging track “Anthem” and when Mums FP takes the stage he makes the audience throw there M’s in the air and follow along with the chorus Throw Ya Ms in the air and roll with me. With a bright future, growing fan base, clear and refreshing flow of every day life stories leaves Mum’s stating “I just want to keep it clean cut to the point with killer beats as my back drop” While doing that MUMS FP is making sure his name is one that everyone will remember. That’s why the F.P. stands for “Free the People” so keep ya ears open for the Changing of the Guards and look out for Mums Full Play tiled“ MUMS THE WORD”


"24" non-commercial release.

"Mr. 4th Quarter" EP non-commercial release.

Set List

The Anthem
Post Game Speech

15 minutes