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"Music SA Munchkin- Nothing Has Changed Except For Everything EP Review"

This is a rewarding album. Its strength lies in its ability to mean so much to so many. It is reminiscent of Rush (or Pink Floyd) on an intellectual level. "Plus ca change plus c'est la meme chose" – The more that things change the more they stay the same," sings Geddy Lee. Nothing, has the same message, it is pseudo-intellectual Art School Rock straight from the Bauhaus. N.B! Let the joyous news be spread, Munchkin have arrived and they're intelligent, talented and addictive.
- Music SA - Steve Davenport

"Triple J Unearthed User Reviews"

Munchkin, Puzzled Secret (2005)

rating: 5/5

This is THE signature "single" that neatly defines what Munchkin are all about with an exceptionally catchy slinky chorus riff that damn near loops into your head like a sexy little tapeworm and wont let go, "I've gooot the secret.. and the seeeecret is meeee!" (yes, disturbing mental imagery comparing lead singer Kaliah to a tapeworm, I know!) brilliant guitars, stepping stone beats and slinky down tempo basslines accompanying a sexy as all hell vocal refrain.. this'd burn up any smokey lounge club in a pheremone haze :)

Spoz, SuperUser
28 Nov, 2006

Munchkin, Behind Closed Doors (2005)

rating: 5/5

smooth.. soaring.. sweeping.. so haunting.. swaying side to side and sounding like it's crying dribbling tears over a horrible breakup.. oooh yeah, this song has it all.. such deep sadness.. and yet, such funky little electro grooves that make you wanna sing along and feel like yer not alone in the world (the goofy robot voice is a bit much tho'.. hmmmmm)

Spoz, SuperUser
31 Aug, 2006

rating: 4/5

Cute song... Cute name guys.

24 Sep, 2006

rating: 5/5

The first album was wicked - this is pure mastery!! Am so looking forward to seeing this live.. Keep up the immense work guys and gal :)

14 Sep, 2006

rating: 4/5

another cool song... why is it that the further down the charts i go... the better the standard becomes... well done, will be checking out more of you guys :)

Optimus Prime
12 Sep, 2006

rating: 5/5

Tip top, nice production guys. Was great to see you guys live at the Sceptre a while back. Good in the studio and good live. cheers

08 Sep, 2006

rating: 5/5

Awesome, nhoj here form sound SKP! Good to see some artists keeping it real with the sounds of the Massive. You guys should whack on god is a terrorist, I love that song!

07 Sep, 2006

rating: 5/5

beautiful, melodic, reminds me of a broken heart on the mend!

06 Sep, 2006

rating: 5/5

Awesome song, Awesome music, Awesome band, Awesome people!!!! do i need to continue???? LOVE YOU GUYS!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox

06 Sep, 2006

rating: 5/5

Love the music as soon as i heard it. This is only one of many many great songs by this band and they sound as good - if not better when they play live. Kaliah has an awesome voice and she uses it well in all of Munchkin's songs. I hope this band gets played more on the radio so that other people have the chance to enjoy their music as much as i have.

27 Aug, 2006

rating: 4/5

nice production fellas

25 Aug, 2006

Munchkin, God Is A Terrorist (2005)

Dale venting about life, the universe and everything in between

rating: 5/5

This song has always been a favourite of mine, as it's so different from the rest of their EP (it'd be really cool if they did more like this for their upcoming album). Featuring vocals by guitarist Dale (with Kaliah and Geddy providing creeped out backing), this is an exceptionally eerie and brooding downtempo groove reminiscent of SNEAKER PIMP's "BLOODSPORT" album in vibe. Pity it's so short tho'..

Spoz, SuperUser
28 Nov, 2006

rating: 5/5


04 Oct, 2006

- Triple J



Word on the street is that Munchkin - SAYF's inaugural Featured Artists - is on the verge of releasing its latest new single "Sometime After Midnight". We here at SAYF have had the honour of getting a "pre-hearing" and it has our thumbs up.

SAYF Vice President Anthony Seagrim had this to say - "This single will launch the band well beyond their 2005 state-wide successes, perhaps even taking them fully on to the national level. The brilliance and depth of their honed writing, production and performance skills are just so evident now. It is a fantastic teaser for their new upcoming album 'Deny You're Here'."

"Filter Online magazine"

Home » blogs » thehittmann's blog
Submitted by thehittmann on Sun, 2005-06-19 05:04.
Genre: Beats, Jazz, HipHop, Electronica, Pop

Formed in march 2004, Munchkin fuse elements of electronica and pop into their own unique style, their debut album "nothing has changed except for everything" is a journey through various shades of darkness and light. The music is written by bassist/programmer Geddy who provides the canvas and outlines for vocalist kaliah and guitarist/producer Dale to fill in the colours. In the past, Geddy has toured successfully around Australia with his last band BARCODE who also released the successful EP "killing the boy". Kaliah has just returned from three years of travelling around europe and asia where she performed in various locations. Dale has finished his audio diploma and has started a company called "EVOLUTION AUDIO".

Munchkin also welcome into the fold Nathan Barnes ex Circle Clan on keys and samples, Nathan brings his extensive knowledge of fat beats to the group and is an exciting development for the future. In 2005, munchkin will promote their new album by gigging and touring, their live shows are emotional and intense but at the same time they never take themselves too seriously.

For more information gig dates and band info

- the hittman


2005 - Nothing has changed except for everything

2006 - Sounds Like Cafe Compilation Volume 13
featuring "Behind Closed Doors"

2007 - Deny you're here (Launching April 2007)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Munchkin is a three piece from Adelaide, Sth Australia. They unify smooth and soulful female vocal over electro/live beats, fat bass and melodic guitar. It is a crossover style, blurring the line between an electronic act and a pop/rock band.

Since releasing their Debut 'Nothing has Changed Except for Everything', Munchkin has been performing and promoting their music. As a result they now have a growing fan base and will be releasing their follow up album ‘Deny You're Here'
in April 2007

'Deny You're Here' also feature's Munchkin's soon to be released first single:

'Sometime After Midnight'

(A special sneak preview of 'Sometime After Midnight' is attached to this EPK in the audio section above!)

In March 2006 Munchkin travelled to Austin, Texas USA, to experience playing their set in the vibrant music capital, during the SXSW festival. After travelling so far as a band and now with their new album 'Deny You're Here' in tow, Munchkin are set to tour Australia and beyond through out 2007.

Other Highlights for Munchkin include:

Winning 'Most popular electronica act for 2005' at the AWSAM (SA Music Industry) awards.

Showcasing for AWSAM TV and also the 2005 SALA festival.

Reaching No.1 on global website:

No.4 on 'Three-D' local radio charts

No.2 on 'Southern FM' radio charts
(after six months 'Nothing has Changed Except for Everything' was still in the top ten, on Southern FM).

Munchkin's track "Behind Closed Doors" appeared on Volume 13 of "Sounds Like Cafe". "Sounds Like Cafe" are a series of CD's which are distributed to a network of over 1200 cafes and restaurants around Australia through Foghorn Records, past artist's to appear on "Sounds Like Cafe" include Renee Geyer, Deni Hines, Sarah Blasko, The Audrey's and Evermore! For more information check out

Top5 Finalists in the Adelaide heats of the MTV Kickstart Competition out of more than 300 local entries

March 2007 feature artist on

Influences include:

Depeche Mode, New Order, Air, Massive Attack, Garbage, Lamb and Pink Floyd.

For all enquiries about Munchkin contact:

kaliah alice :