A unique combination of world grooves from Africa, Arabia, Asia, and the Americas. These original arrangements, including the dynamic African djembe ensemble, come from more than two decades of combined international travel. A perfect combintion of world-beat and rock.


World travelers Dave Johnson, Rusty Eklund, and Sean Petersen come together to form this unique ensemble, playing original arrangements inspired by music from Africa, Arabia, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America and Americana. As an acoustic ensemble their music creates the perfect atmosphere for smaller venues and intimate settings. As a stage ensemble Mundus will take you on a festival-style musical journey across the globe mixing musical instruments and styles from 5 continents. Rusty Eklund has studied, performed, and worked in 25 countries on five continents. He spent the better part of the past decade in Mali and Guinea, West Africa with numerous international artists: Jeli Lamine Soumano, Grammy-winner Toumani Diabate, Sega Sidibe, Abdoul Doumbia, Nahawa Doumbia, and Mahamadou Traore. Eklund, originally from Washington State, relocated to Iowa in 2007 where he met Iowa City native Dave Johnson. Johnson had recently returned from a three-year stint in southern Africa, traveling, playing, and connecting with the people of South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. Johnson’s guitar playing has been heavily influenced by American jazz, music from the broader Latino culture and his travels in Africa, Japan, and Mexico. Shawn Petersen has been playing music for three decades and adds the versatility of bass guitar and violin to the ensemble. Together they have created a sound familiar to American audiances, inspired by the music of the world and American rock, yet original and unique.


Currently recording.

Set List

More than two hours of uninterrupted, original compositions and arrangements. Set list includes guitar/bass/percussion, as well as African drum ensemble rhythms.

Fish Creek Blues (Original by Dave Johnson)
Janjon (Traditional from Mali)
You Jest (Original by Rusty Eklund)
Senorita del montano (Original by Dave Johnson)
Mansani Cisse(Traditional from Mali)
Suku (African Djembe Ensemble)
Madan (African Djembe Ensemble)
Numu (African Djembe Ensemble)
Djole (African Djembe and Log Drum Ensemble)
Kuku (African Djembe and Log Drum Ensemble)
Kassonke (Original by Dave Johnson)
Mali Sadjo (Traditional from Mali)
Fur Elise (Arrangement by Mundus)
Someday (Arrangement by Mundus)
Senorita 13 (Original by Dave Johnson)
Donkono (African Dununs and Talking Drums)
Maraka (African Djembe Ensemble)
Korojuga (African Djembe Ensemble)
Geranke (African Djembe Ensemble)
Somnambulant (Original by Dave Johnson)
Deni Kelen (Traditional from Mali)
Manha Carnival (Traditional from Brazil