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Mundy's Bay

Montréal, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE | AFM

Montréal, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Post-punk





Black metal bands are the musicians who like getting lost in
forests, but of course, it takes a shoegaze band to make it
actually look cool. Montreal-based shoegaze band Mundy's Bay have
released a video for their song "How You Feel" off their upcoming
EP Wandering and Blue". The video, co-directed by Michael Lee
McLean and the band's vocalist Esther Mulders, sees a woman
walking through throughout a forest intercut with shots of the
band performing in what appears to be a warehouse.
The minimalist video has a retro vibe, calling to mind 80s-era noise and indie pop clips from bands like Ride or The Wedding Present. The song itself sees Mulder's vocals contrast perfectly against the energetic, drum-propelled soundscape sculpted by the band, giving an emotional weight to the opulent, New Order-esque production. We caught up with the band to chat about the 80s and forests.


Mundy’s Bay were definitely my revelation of the night. They
picked up the pace and brought a very eclectic sound to the table
that blended well with the scene. There were some new-wave
tendencies in the rhythm section that hearkened back to the days
of New Order, with some heavier instrumentation overlaid with
vocal harmonies that reminded me of The Pixies. The band
genuinely looked like they were having a blast up there, and that
translated into the crowd. “Hope You’re Fine” sounds like it’s
ready for radio play, especially on college stations. - BUCKETLIST


It’s almost a year since we last featured Mundy’s Bay and in that
time the Montréal five have certainly grown in sound and depth, if
their new EP ‘Wandering And Blue’ is anything to go by.
Streaming below ahead of its release on Friday, ‘Wandering And
Blue’ is a delicious clash of 80s subcultures; splicing skeletal
gothic wings onto a hybrid shoegaze/new wave torso, its overall,
emergent shape is something entirely new, cold and beautiful.
Coursing through each track, Esther Mulders’ voice snatches
darkness from the wide open Canadian skies and forges it into
wavering, swooping and resonant harmonies. Esther and Victor go in
a bit deeper on the EP, below in a track-by-track guide. Dive in - FIRST LISTEN: MUNDY’S BAY, WANDERING AND BLUE EP


I am an 80’s kid and a big lover of
pretty much all of the music that
came out during that glorious
decade. However, I came to the fold
of “New Wave” pretty late in the
game. It wasn’t until my early
twenties where I started to really
appreciate bands like The Smiths,
The Cure, Joy Division, and even
Blondie. But now I can’t get enough.
I’m a total addict. And the re-
emergence and “revival” that’s been
happening in pop-music over the past
couple of years is fantastic.
Montreal’s Mundy’s Bay fits so
perfectly into that revival that it
actually feels as though they was plucked directly from 1979
London. Their new EP Wandering & Blue is short (at five songs) but
magical and leaves you wanting more. And while it does sound like
something you’ve heard before, it’s just different enough to keep
you interested.
It opens with “Oceanside”, where you immediately get a flavour for
what these folks are about – heavy on the drums and synth balanced
out on the high-end with echoy vocals and feeling like your
spinning in a dark club with lights dancing everywhere. Then they
slow down just a touch and start channeling Morrissey. The song
“Strange Feeling” (my favourite) is basically a mash-up of Blondie
and The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”. I sincerely dug this whole
thing from beginning to end.
I hadn’t heard of Mundy’s Bay before I did this review and I’m
honestly glad I chose to do it – they are stellar. - CANADIANBEATS


I need to stop assuming I know what comes across my desk. We are
primarily punk and metal, but those are sparse definitions.
Mundy’s Bay is a (beautiful) five-piece from Montreal. They have
taken the sounds of goth-rock and punk from the eighties and made
it their own.
Jangly guitar tones. Huge bass. Beautifully simple, yet
beautifully orchestrated drums. A vocalist who’s haunting voice
pierces every part of your soul.
How I was introduced was through the video for “Hope You’re Fine”
so I am biased towards saying that is my favourite from the two-
track EP. The other song is fantastic, as well. Do yourself a
favour and pick this up. - MIND THE MUSIC


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Mundy's Bay is a band based out of Montreal, formed in 2015. Since the release of their first single “Hope You're Fine” in June 2016, the band has kept busy performing live around Canada, Europe and the United States. They followed up with the release of their debut EP “Wandering & Blue” in the summer of 2017, who was very well received within the indie scene, especially on the college radio circuit. It ended up charting on Earshot Top 50 national charts for many weeks. Since their debut, Mundy’s Bay has gained an ever-growing audience across major markets due to their constant live plays and excellent social media efforts.

Now in the spring of 2018, Mundy’s Bay is about to conclude the recording of their debut album, embark on another US tour and perform at festivals such as Waking Windows in Vermont and CMW in Toronto.

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