Mungo Park

Mungo Park


Folk/Pop, Americana. Strong hooks and lyrics.


Mungo Park is a folk pop duo. We play unique yet accessible tunes that are acoustic based but incorporate elements of Pop, Rock, Folk, and a bit of psuedo-Jazz. Influenced by '60s Folk and Pop.


If This Were Real

Written By: Bill Craig

If this were real I'd know just what to feel.
If This were happening I'd need no one's advice, how to spend my nights, indulge myself in spite of what I've seen.
If this were true I'd know just what to do . If this were going on I'd be the first to say that there might come a day when I won't have to pay 'cuz I've been blind.

Working The Room

Written By: Bill Craig

Here comes Vickie, she's missing some teeth, wearing a housecoat with nothing underneath.
She thinks that she is cake and we'd all like a piece.
She weighs in at an even 307. buys all her perfume at 7/11, oh man, but she's my biggest fan.

And I'm working the room. I've got one more set to play. I'm working the room, gonna miss this life someday.

"No Deeper Blue"

Written By: Bill Craig

There's a sadness in the sky, there's a blue that drops down low.
Why pretend I don't know why. When it's everywhere I go.
And the shadows it's throwing, I cannot face them , I cannot shake them.
There's no deeper blue than this.
There's no deeper blue than this.

I've got to slow this free-fall down, but I don't know how to start.
I've got no idea where I'm bound, There's no clue within my heart.

Now I'll lay me down to sleep and I'll pray to beat the odds.
I've been shallow I've been deep, It's just a shuffling of the cards.


New CD "paranormal" available now. 12 songs featuring "Working The Room" and"Jack Ruby's Twistboard"

Set List

Live we featured a three set show made up of half originals and half covers. Cover tunes include material by Tom Waits, The Left Banke(Not "Walk Away Rene") The Youngbloods.