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"Munkeez Prove Funky"

Thursday, September 1, 2005
Avenue Writer/ The Independent Florida Alligator

Munkeez Strikin' Matchiz
'BananAtomic Mass'
Ximentmix/Munkadelic Muzik & Productions

Munkeez Strikin' Matchiz brings it big time in its decidedly funky debut, "BanamAtomic Mass."

Munkeez Strikin' Matchiz keeps the fight alive for all things funky.

"BananAtomic Mass," is a straight-ahead record. The first track, appropriately titled "The Mission," declares: "To extend to you some funk is our only desire." I must relay, mission accomplished. The subsequent 10 songs bring the funk relentlessly, in a way that feels retro but never old.

Along with that, it also serves up something truly special: a historic collaboration featuring three generations of legendary musicians. In a wonder to behold, "Wreck It" features Bo Diddley, Chuck D and Bernie Worrell. Something that has to be heard to be believed is the sheer force behind Bo Diddley, whose rough growl is just as powerful as it was 50 years ago. Even Chuck D's famous boom of a voice is left sounding shallow next to his. Underneath Bo and Chuck trading raps, Bernie Worrell lays down the keys that bring it its funky edge.

In a testament to the band, the rest of the record is not simply blown away by the historic nature of "Wreck It." It stays away from the major fault of bad funk records in which the same inane phrase is repeated for infinite periods of time. The Munkeez keep vocal and horn arrangements tight and explore their grooves without it feeling forced.

A highlight track, "Doin' What We Got To," brings a guitar-heavy sound straight from classic funkadelic. The song also personifies the simple but effective political messages funksters love to bring, all while being exceedingly fun to dance to.

"BananAtomic Mass" brings the funk and a historic track that will keep maggot-brains happy until the mothership lands. Buy it locally at Hyde & Zeke Records, No Future Records and CD Warehouse.
- Campus Communications Inc., of Gainesville Florida

"Insite’s New Music Reviews by Eric Dorman"

Among the throng of alt-rock bands present in any college town, one group always gives a little something more... a little, shall we say, funk.

That’s the case with Munkeez Strikin Matchiz. The group offers up a tasty mix of funk, soul, dance and rock, spiced with just the right amount of their own insane funk mythology.

Songs like “Doin’ What We Got To” and “Munkee Phungk” have everything you want from good funk music - a groove you can step to and plenty of vocal hooks.

Funk legend Bernie Worrell co-wrote more than half the songs, and his pedigree should push all of your doubts about this group away.

The album keeps its feet stable - albeit with the obligatory boogie - with tracks like “No Time” and “Unscathed” reaching into your soul and pulling out your dancing feet.

Check out for more information on the leaders in local funk. - Insite Magazine Gainesville Florida

"Scene & Heard"

"It all boils down to Diddley's appearance with Munkeez Strikin' Matchiz on June 17"

"It was a huge night, actually, the biggest crowd I have ever seen on the Downtown Community Plaza, and by the time Diddley plunked down in his stage chair there was an estimated 4,000 people at the Plaza"

Dave Schlenker ~ Scene Magazine
Published by the Gainesville Sun
Thursday, June 29, 2006
Commenting on the Munkeez Strikin' Matchiz~ Bo Diddley concert at the Downtown Community Plaza, Gainesville, Florida June 17, 2006

- The Gainesville Sun


For those who don’t think The Dr. Brought out enuf free-form, busting loose fonk on his new release (How Late Do U Have 2 BB4UR Absent), don’t fret ,the secrets of the Pee have been encoded in the hands of the Clones for some time now. And what a booty-full thang it is to see this funky-life-affirming DNA be expressed in the new generation of funkateer groovers. Get ready for the next chapter, and here it is , with a whomp!! Munkeez Strikin’ Matchiz. On BananAtomic Mass, a fuse is lit to the funk bomb. By the time it explodes into a chaotic reservoir of passionate vibratory cosmic fonk, your sprit has been launched into an intense sphere of elasticized grooves and hard churning funk.

Nowhere is the stomp felt more than on "Wreck It". As far as I know it, this is the first time the mighty Bo Diddley, Chuck D, and the wizard Bernie Worrell have appeared together funkin’ on the one. This crew is straight ‘tearing it up’!! Bo is just amazing here, cutting his vocal chops all over an accelerated high energy groove-fest. Its like airbody on the track is just itching to get their creative juices flowing. Chuck D playing homage to a rock & roll legend. Its badd!!!! Its locked in a pocket .

World musik with profuse percussive freedom and African cosmology meets hard Hendrixian guitar chords on "The Mission". Longtime P-Funk axeman Cordell "Boogie" Mosson emerges in the mix to add his trademark musical wit and strokin’ lesson to the aptly titled "Boogonometry/Summer Love". Boogie brings out a certain sprit that cannot be duplicated, although its oft imitated. If that ain’t him on bass & rhythm then I’ll be a funky monkeez’ uncle. Wow, that track just feels soooooooo good. Invigorating. Just tasty. Just sounds like Boog. The vocal hooks on "No Time" are just laid down like clockwork. Who is the lead vox here, whoever it is, he’s just goin’ for broke. It’s a Bobby Byrd-esque horn groove going on on this track, too.

The whole effort is just a delectable burst of spirit, love, unity. The licks are wide-open and played full of fiyah! An expressive expansion of vitality thru 11 tracks. The cream offa’ the top. Bernie puts his space- majik on "P’Nesse" too. Ain’t heard synth-squiggles like this since Undisco Kidd., "your freakness is mah’ weakness" the vocalist harmonizes over a heavy bass synth. Take this chit to a party and turn it up loud.

Dance and get ‘yer freek on and alla dat, but , think!! As the horn-laden "Doin’ What we Got To" & "The Method" pushes the groove into oblivion while asking many questions on many levels. "Ankle Deep" is anutha that just hit me in my funkybone. This self-actualized ‘dirty soul’ encompasses all genres. The apex of Funk, Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and R&B. Looks like Florida is trying to take over Ohio and the funkiest state of the union,.

The band was formed by Joe C. & Scott Free in Gainesville circa mid-90s. Straight up synergy, moving in and out and thru all things and culminating in a BananAtomic sound. "Unscathed"is anutha wide open funky track, horns reminding me of Sly’s thing blowin’ and blaring like a mofo.

Then the "Monkey Phungk" sneaks up on you. Its ‘sweeter than chiquitah’. All manner of outstanding instrumentalists on here, "Georgie" Clinton III is featured on several tracks, adding another unmistakable sound to this collective. To the Doctor, you’ve done your part. You have spread your seed and the P-Funk legacy is in effect, and it seems to me more and more each day, its up to the Clones. Follow Munkeez Strikin’ Matchiz to the next level cuz that is where they are taking it. ‘Nuff said.

Reviewed For Funk Journalist & Atlanta Radio Personality ~ "Bustin'"Bob Mitchell Compiled For Tatt II

- by "Bustin'"Bob Mitchell


Munkeez Strikin' Matchiz ~ Debut CD
'BananAtomic Mass'
copyright 2005 ximentmix/Munkadelic Muzik

Featuring Guest Appearances by:
~Bo Diddley
~Bernie Worrell (P-Funk/Talking Heads/Woo Warriors)
~Chuck D. (Public Enemy)
~Cordell "Boogie" Mosson (P-Funk)
~George Clinton III

Streaming audio links for the entire 'Bananatomic Mass' CD available at:

Munkeez Strikin Matchiz Full Length CD 'BananAtomic Mass' is now available for digital download as a full length CD or as individual tracks on the following sites:



Formed in Gainesville, Florida in 1998 by Joe C. and Scott Free, Munkeez Strikin Matchiz (MSM) solidified their presence as a "must see" show band on the north-central Florida music scene. The band has performed hundreds of shows with their high-energy stage performances.

MSM and/or individual band members have shared the stage with such notable performers as The Wailers, Bernie Worrell & The Woo Warriors, Original Parliament, The Steve Kimock Band, Leftover Salmon, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Buckethead, Les Claypool, George Clinton, Wil Calhoun & Doug Wimbish, Hot Tuna and Bo Diddley.

Scott Free and Joe C. laid the groundwork that would result in the Fall 2005 release of the Munkeez Strikin' Matchiz debut full-length CD 'BananAtomic Mass', a no-holds-barred, collection of songs that support the band's unique ability to transcend musical genres.

*Why The Name Munkeez Strikin' Matchiz?

When Scott Free lived in New Mexico in 1990, he met a scientist at Los Alamos Labs who recalled hearing a story that went like this: After being invited to work on the Manhattan Project, Albert Einstein allegedly said "Scientists who base their calculations on E=mc2, should concentrate on splitting bananas, not atoms," and was said to have referred to project scientists as "monkeys striking matches."

We share 98% of our DNA with chimps, and based upon the evidence of;

a. man's waste of Earth's natural resources
b. our ease with "living pollution"
c. our well documented traits of racism, sexism, ageism, and terrorism
from afar, probably look exactly like "monkeys striking matches."