Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots

Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots


Dark beautiful stories, accompanied with lush strings, drums, banjo, and choral singing. A new American/Gothic tradition in sound.


An impressive marriage of musical arrangement and instrumentation with insightful lyrical storytelling, Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots is an altogether intoxicating experience. Often described as, ‘a thinking man’s country music,’ involving drums, upright bass, cello, two violins, and Munlys’ vocals and instruments (banjo, guitar, dulcimer…). Munly has four previous albums released, W.A.Records, Smooch, and the latest is on Jello Biafra’s Alternative Tentacles label. They have shared the stage and toured with, Kristen Hersh, Rasputina, Cake, 16 Horsepower, Johnny Cash, Legendary Shack Shakers, Wilco, Jolie Holland, and of course Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – of which Munly is also a member.
MLLH creative depth and range is at once challenging and invigorating. Either on record or through their memorable and always captivating live show one can’t help but have the distinct feeling that these songs, stories, and worlds were heart wrenchingly conceived and crafted.

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Amen Corner

Written By: Munly

~Amen Corner~
It’s glorious today so you know that it will pass away
The doves and snapping turtles bite at me
Catatonic ash, don’t bump against them tender wounds
This petunia land smells of timothy
I have read the maps of the Patron Saint of Haggard
Arm the minds of midwives who deliver thee
My hands are not enough I will swing a hammer
Amen Corners where they’ll gather and meet
On Amen Corner is where they gather, all them midwives who delivered me.
Their looks are unwashed, ashamed, and haggard, seeing my hands are empty of offerings.
They took my rolled map, ripped it to tatters, turned their backs and commenced to sing.
I stroke my dark dove, I pat my turtle, but their response is as cold as charity.
Snapping turtles hide scrape their teeth against their hide
Doves stumble ‘round turned dark from timothy
The midwives turn to saints swinging what’s delivered
On Amen Corner the haggard hammer sings
My snapping turtle it still be snapping, my dark dove can only bark at me.
I pull his dark down, rip it to tatters, glue the feathers to my turtles covering.
I will swing it, my soft-hard hammer, to my midwives this is my offering.
On Amen Corner, I’ll be delivered, my soft-hard hammer will sing as it swings.

Big Black Bull Comes Like A Caesar

Written By: Munly

~Big Black Bull Comes Like A Caesar~
This is what it sounds like when my brother calls me. ‘~’
My parents up and passed when I was none then three. I forced myself on my brother, made him watch me swell. When we’d sit round the kitchen table, my brother would whip out his brand new blade. He’d scratch out letters into the wood of the table, I never did know what they say. But, I could tell they were dirty. I took them letters on down to the elementary, I took the other boys behind the elementary wall and I spoke them words hard- yes, I did...
When my brother was a child he was given an animal. He raised it up to be a big black bull, it never did pitch or sway. It would ride round on the wood-back of our flatbed, proud-like, with no pitch or sway. He looked like one of them greek Caesar’s, the day we went to the McCintyre’s. The McCintyre’s had a pen, the McCintyre’s pen had a she-cow. When she saw his chariot comin’, she blew her trumpet hard. She gave the bull her big soft cowy eyes, then she started talkin’ to him. And she was talkin’ dirty...
Then the bull come down hard offen the flatbed, forced himself inside the pen with the she-cow. He stood up tall on two legs, like a man does, he swoll himself up hard. Me myself I got on the back of our flatbed, I pitched when I saw them sway. When he come back down to four legs, my brother forced himself on me on the flatbed. He handed me his new blade, said, ‘scratch out the word on the wood of the flatbed,’- and I did...
When I was none, I fell out my mama backwards, her breach-born son. And when the calf come, he come, like I come. Backwards. And my brother called the calf my name. And it’s mother called the calf my name...

Song Rebecca Calls, 'that birdcage song', Which never was Though Now Kind Of Is Because Of Her Influ

Written By: Munly

~Song Rebecca Calls,‘that birdcage song,’ Which It Never Was Called But Now Kind Of Is Because Of All Her Influence...~

I rub my hand over your hair
I rub my hand over your hair on your throat
I rub my hand over your hair on your throat pull it out and set it in my pocket.
I talk a bird off my tree shove him deep-down he lites in your nesty hair. We roam between the cities, and folk in their country speech and manner, say the sing-song you’s do’s speaks of true new prophesies. There is a whistle ebbing from a growing crack in his beak, the crack is mappin’ out the country, educating all of where we’ve been.
Me and my bird have a growing influence over people of country persuasion.
Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John they’re comin’ after me
re-re-educatin’ all them my bird has seen.
Sayin’ country people unlearn what you seen
that birds got a crack in it’s speak.
Go back to ginseng and senna pods and fennel seeds
learnin’ spells in your old gullah speech.
But, they tell the flock to go back to the city and let this bird sing!
~My Bird-Does Sing-To Thee-Country-
My Bird- Decrees-To ‘Thee’ People Of Country Persuasion~
I rub my hand over your hair
I rub my hand over your hair below your stomach
I rub my hand over your hair below your stomach pull it out and set it in my pocket.
My bird he mends his broken beak with your hair. Now the message is mumbled and mistranslated, but the country people believe it even harder. They leave the country lite upon the city, swellin’ the I.Q. in both locations. Re-education is all they need, the city nods bein’ told to agree.
Me and my bird have a growing influence over people of country persuasion.
Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John still chasin’ after me
they got so close they finally heard my bird sing.
They heard through your healthful hair
blushed a deep dark red said ‘oh I see!’
They rubbed on ginseng and senna pods and fennel seeds
their speech they changed to the local speak.
Creatin’ new maps with an educators need
they’re now quiet in the country as my bird he does sing!
~My Bird-Does Sing-To Thee-Country-
My Bird- Decrees-To ‘Thee’ People Of Country Persuasion~


Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots (2004),
Alternative Tentacles

Jimmy Carter Syndrome (2002),
Smooch Records

Galvanized Yankee (1999)

Munly De Dar He (1997),

Blurry (1996),
WARecordsBook: Ten Songs With No Music

Forthcoming from Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots in 2006/2007. "Kinnery Of Lupercalia (Double Disc) and "Peter & The Wolf" (The True History). As well as Book Of Peter & The Wolf-New Short Story Collection

Book: Ten Songs With No Music

Play: Living On A Limb

Points Of Interest: Won Young N. American
Playwrite Award

Received Southern Heritage Book Award

On Shmow records comp. #1 in Australia–

Signed with WAR.–Released Blurry–"Virgin Of Manhattan", featured on Melrose Place

Released Munly De Dar He, Awarded Blue Ribbon at Monteral Festival for works on paper.

Appeared on MTV’s Austin Stories

Recorded Galvanized Yankee-Worked with Patrick Stewart

Appeared as ‘The Clogger,’ in 16HP video

Featured in ‘TYR’ comp. book&CD

Headlined SXSW Alternative Tentacles Showcase-

~ Slim Cessnas Auto Club Discography~

Jesus Is In My Body (Live) (2006) ,
Alternative Tentacles/Smooch

The Blovdy Tenant Trvth Peace (2004),
Alternative Tentacles

Always Say…Please and Thankyou (2000),
Alternative Tentacles

Forthcoming self titled album 2006/2007

Set List

We have hours of material to choose from, we typically play one hour. Here is a sample of our most recent set list, featuring mostly new material.

ben Asher
Denver Boot Redux
Amen Corner
A Gentlemans Jihad
My Darling Sambo