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""How in the heck did we miss it? Time to fire the Research Department.""

"Philadephia’s Munny & the Camerman released their self-titled debut disc this past fall. October 8th to be exact…and we missed it. How in the heck did we miss it? Time to fire the Research Department. Wait. That would be me. Ok…bad idea. Let’s focus on the positives here shall we? We shall.

Regardless of how long it’s taken for us to hear this disc, it’s been well worth the wait. As I hit play on the mp3 player, the opening track entitled “Tattoos” begins and immediately captures my attention with quasi-military style drum cadence. Next the guitars add a sparkling layer of texture that meshes will with the warm bass and vocals which resonate with unmistakeable clarity and melody. “Start a revolution maybe, you’ll feel better inside.” I thought indie-folk was all about the love? “Revolutions” showcases earthy vocals set against a shuffle like tempo on the drums and echoed by guitar and bass. I really like the flow of this song. The same can be said about “We All Wanted Something,” as M & the C ditch the rhythm section and rely solely on the interplay of voice and guitar. Nice.

This is one of those albums that one could imagine hearing while sitting in solitary at a local coffee shop. You’d notice it right away, then you’d stop to listen just for a second and before you know it you are lost in thought as your mind switches over to autopilot. Take my advice, don’t fight it…just enjoy the ride." - Froglix Radio

"Favorite Pair of Worn Jeans"

"I was surprised at how some of the tracks felt like old friends when I heard them for the first time. I'm sure partly that speaks to how the tunes are catchy and quickly become familiar in a really nice way, and Munny's twang certainly gives the music that favorite pair of worn jeans kind of feeling... What makes the album really interesting to me is how the music forms a counterpoint to the classic singer-songwriterness of the vocals and to some extent the lyrics. What instrumentalist Jonah Sol Gabry does behind Munny's voice is what makes me listen again and again. The variety of textures going on back there feel like little set pieces more or less suffused with melancholy, which for me complicates the kind of forthright, confessional vocals in such a great way... I like the faintness of the sound samples and the unsteady steadyness of the beats. Or maybe I just fell for the quiet promise of it all - you feel like it's something you've just stumbled upon, although it was probably so carefully and arduously composed. The song JALIF is a wholesome anthem and something you want to sway to, but it's also so much more complicated than it first seems on the surface. The whistfulness on the last chorus is tremendous -- it adds this gorgeous tension that seems to contradict the resolute words. The confluence of voices that come together toward the end of the song is unexpected and makes me respond with a sense of completion."
- DamnNanner


Munny & the Cameraman (2010)



Munny & the Cameraman is the musical product of two college friends who started swapping original songs in autumn of 2003. After years of on-and-off collaboration, Munny Townsend and Jonah Sol Gabry officially formed Munny & the Cameraman for a self-titled debut album, released in October of 2010.

Born out of an acoustic tradition, Munny & the Cameraman incorporates a uniquely textured mix of instrumental musings and lyrical intensity. What started eight years ago has grown into a "beyond-acoustic" partnership - carefully blending styles of Americana folk, blues, jazz and indie-rock. Munny' Townsend's haunting voice and distinctly southern lyricism is buttressed by the experimental boldness of Jonah Sol Gabry's musical composition. The resulting fusion from this Mississippi singer-songwriter and New York City-born jazzman is a sonic experience that feels strangely familiar, like you've known them all along.