Munroe Effect

Munroe Effect


Munroe Effect play aggressive schizophrenic riff driven rock music, spliced cleverly with spots of quietness and melodic hooks.
Since forming the band have gradually built up a reputation for their furious and energetic live shows which must not be missed by any avid gig goer!



Munroe Effect are a four piece band from Southsea in Portsmouth who play schizophrenic rock music.
This band really are a must see as they have deservedly established a reputation for their furious and energetic live shows which puts them in the category of fresh musical talent as bands such as Pulled Apart by Horses & The JCQ to name a few. They have come along way over the years and since forming in 2007 have a growing discography of music. From early EP "Hello Terrorist" all the way through to their forthoming debut album "Ultraviolenceland".

Munroe Effect pride themselves in writing music which provides a cathartic expression for themselves and a breakaway from the saturated carbon copies of music and bands that seem to be infiltrating the alternative music scene in recent years.

Over the years Munroe Effect have toured and played many shows with the likes of: The Subways, In Case Of Fire, Oceansize, Pulled Apart by Horses, Future Of The Left and many more. Featuring in magazines Kerrang, Rock Sound and Big Cheese they are a rapidly expanding band that are shining with potential and have a great future ahead.


Hello Terrorist! E.P - Self Released

Subterranean Death Clash 7" Single - Function Records

Your are Goldmouth E.P - Function Records

ULTRAVIOLENCELAND Album - Dead Planet Rrecords