"It's no secret that 'MUNROE' has carried on the tradition that the Smashing Pumpkins left behind...definitely Chicago's best unsigned rock band." -Josh Heiner/A&R for Provident SONY BMG


MUNROE is continually refining themselves (musically and personally) from their experiences with CHEVELLE and grooming under Steve Gillis (FILTER), Gooch ( Tim Lougee of Azoff Entertainment/Former Tour Manager for SMASHING PUMPKINS), Roger Jansen of KMA Management, and other industry moguls. They are one of the hardest working bands around, and are committed to putting on the best rock show Chicago has ever seen.

They have a polished professionalism and sharp business sense has made them a very marketable asset in Chicago's music scene. MUNROE has an explosive live show that leaves audiences in awe, get familiar with their name.


Influences: Jeff Buckley, Chevelle, Muse, Funeral For a Friend, Sevendust, the Deftones, 90's seattle alternative rock


No Compromise

Written By: Scot Howat

Fall still at my side
I won't compromise, not again
I won't be silent
Realize you lied, and justify this blood of mine
You left me to die
Broken on my knees, you caused me to bleed
With all of my strength I won't be silent

Let Go

Written By: Scot Howat

Everytime I change something's in my way
Fear holds close to me
I am weak beyond belief
I just can't let go, this is all I know
i just can't let go of this
This uncertainty always harbors me
Change makes me afraid I will never be the same


Written By: Scot Howat

The ship is sinking at a pace I can't ignore
Turn around and raise the mast or I'll jump overboard
The compass guides my heart in this sea of seas
Into the great blue drink is where we're heading now
Listen to my captain's call, "You're all going to drown!"

Bullet Ballet

Written By: Scot Howat

No more living this way, I’m tired of feeling the same.
And I still wonder…where was love that day? Was your pleasure worth our pain?
There is hope for us all, there is hope.
Quitting was easy for you, but my heart must push right through.
And I believe that our bodies will always fail, but I know love will prevail.

None More Black

Written By: Scot Howat

What more could you possibly need? I’ve been everything I could be.
I’m not enough, I know I’ll never be enough.
Around you I can barely breathe. My heart screams like a symphony

Forgive Me

Written By: Scot Howat

You make my vision blur time and time again. Let me see inside you.
I’m sorry, can you forgive me? Please?!?!
Forgive me.
Can you forgive at all?
Why can’t you let me in? Don’t push me away, let me suffer with you.

We Are Automatic

Written By: Scot Howat

Cuffed by glass and gold marching in sync
We are automatic and empty
Forced along cementways in an over-financed life
We are automatic and empty
With wide smiles, they'll hide their knives
Run for your life
Screaming through the static to one another at shutter speeds
We are automatic and empty
Welcoming abused masked with flashes on TV
We are automatic
And if you come to find yourself at this point in your life
Beyond the shadow of your doubts it's trueness will come pouring out

Everest Will Be Yours

Written By: Scot Howat

Failure threatens me as my lungs begin to lose their breath
With every stretching stride I advance with no chance for rest
Everest will be yours, it will be yours
Narrow is the path, filled with perils around every bend
I will not give up
I won't give up until I've reached the end


Written By: Scot Howat

We wilt and wither, the writing's on the wall
The bottle is empty but still we thirst for more
We're so dry inside our bodies will burst into flames
Open up your eyes and let the flood fill your heart, your empty heart
Drowning in fire, you won't survive
The living water brings us life

Take Me Prisoner

Written By: Scot Howat

Here's my story I'm sticking to
It's not pretty, but it's the truth
We live in discord outside you Heaven or Hell with all I choose It's not right, I deserve so much worse
Take me prisoner
I've done wrong
A free man with a guilty song
Take me in
Sporting shackles but not yet caught
My voice is pure, my heart is not
Committed murder with every step
I've crossed the line, embraced regret
Well it's not right, I deserve so much worse


3 new singles will be available shortly on iTunes and their myspace for purchase!

MUNROE has a list of accomplishment that may take up too much room to even be listed. Since the release of their self titled EP they have merited regular rotation on Q101 FM Chicago, been featured on the NBC 5 Morning show, Tom and Lisa's morning show on 95.1 WIIL FM. They have headlined The House Of Blues, The Hard Rock Cafe, Metro, and all the greatest venues in Chicago. They have been featured in several magazines, the Chicago Tribune and played with such National Acts as:

Local H, Lucky Boys Confusion, Sick Puppies, Seven Mary Three, Sponge, Avenged Sevenfold, Mindless Self Indulgence, Atreyu, Pennywise, Bullet For My Valentine, Black Tide, Theory of a Deadman, The White Tie Affair, Haste The Day, Gwen Stacy, The Chariot, and many more.

Here is what a few of the leaders of rock have to say:

"MUNROE puts on a great live show." - Sam Loeffler/drummer of CHEVELLE

"MUNROE is a band that has proven themselves to not only be entertaining, but truly talented as well." -Steve Gillis/drummer of FILTER

Set List

1) Dry
2) Bullet Ballet
3) Forgive Me
4) None More Black
5) SOS
6) We Are Automatic
7) Everest Will Be Yours
8) Fake Plastic Me
9) No Compromise