MuOM, Barcelona Overtone Singing Choir
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MuOM, Barcelona Overtone Singing Choir

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain | Established. Jan 01, 2008

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Established on Jan, 2008
Band World New Age


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""A Brilliant Close to the 32nd Year of Segovia's Sacred Music Week with Overtone Singing Choir, MuOM""

La iglesia de San Juan de los Caballeros acogió ayer uno de los conciertos más singulares de la trigésimo segunda edición de la Semana de Música Sacra, con la presencia del grupo vocal Barcelona Overtone Singing Choir MuOM, que trajo a Segovia el canto de armónicos, una técnica vocal en la que cada cantante es capaz de emitir dos sonidos a la vez.
MuOm mostró influencias de grupos como el Harmonic Choir o Prana, ya que presentó una formación coral experimental en la que se vislumbran dos planos sonoros superpuestos que se interpretan y funden en una rica amalgama de notas. El resultado son armonías sostenidas por las voces de una manera estática, melodías inspiradas en la necesidad de explorar los sonidos de la voz y que acaban creando un universo sonoro particual, estructurado como un córo de cámara de 7 componetes.
MuOM mostró la especial relevancia que concede al estado de presencia en el que se encuentra cada cantante y en la conexión que existe entre los componentes y con el público. - El Adelantado (Segovia newspaper)

""The Salnitre Caves Welcome the New Sounds Festival, GONG 2012" (Catalan)"

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""The Diphonic Singing of MuOM Will Vibrate the Island This Weekend" (Spanish)"

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""Gong, Music of the Cave" (Catalan)"

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""Good Vibrations at the Santa Maria church in Cadaques" (Catalan)"

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""Muuuuuooooooaaaaaoooooommm - MuOM is one of the few Overtone Choirs in Europe""

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""Unique Sounds in the Montserrat Mountain Cave" (Spanish)"

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Mu, album recorded at Sant Jeroni de la Murtra Monastery, Barcelona, 2013

1. Origen

2. Segona

3. Meditation

5. Ensuenyo

6. Onades

7. Shamen

8. The other side of Blue

9. Quietud

10. Sunrise

11. Espiral

Andapindam, rough cut album recorded at Sant Miquel de Campmajor Church, Girona, 2009

1. Andapindam
2. Starbirds
3. Natura
4. Intensity
5. Shanti
6. Atlantis
7. Ascension



MuOM:  An innovative and atypical choral recital.  MuOM is the only Overtone Singing choir based in Spain - and one of the very few choirs of its kind in the world.

Overtone Singing, also called Harmonic Chant and Diphonic Singing, is a vocal technique in which each singer emits two notes at once.  This technique modulates the voice so that one can hear the fundamental tone, and at the same time, one of its harmonics (tones that pre-exist within every note but are usually hidden).

Originally, guttural throat singing came from Central Asia (Tuva, Altai, Kazajistan, Mongolia).  It is called khoomei and it's one of the world's oldest forms of music - very much linked with the nomadic and shamanic traditions.

The peculiarity of MuOM (founded in 2008) is that these techniques are brought into the choral context, inspired by such ensembles as the Harmonic Choir by David Hykes and Prana by Baird Hersey.  The result is a music that is formed by two superimposed planes (the voice and its harmonics), which overlap and intertwine to form richly layered harmonies.

This music enables a meditative journey, with static harmonies and minimalist melodies, inspired by the need to explore the sonorous universe of the voice. Because there is a lot of improvisation, the connection between the public and the performers becomes truly vibrant.  There is a cultivated awareness and presence on stage which aims at bringing the audience into an inner realm of calm, peace and contemplation. MuOM enjoys inviting the audience to sing at the close of each concert.

MuOM's members are very versatile, including professional instrumentalists and solo singers.  This allows for more creative possibilities, and in some of the pieces one can hear, soaring over the texture of voices, a mystical violin improvisation, a sensual voice or trancelike percussion.

Not only is MuOM interested in performing, but we also offer Overtone / Harmonic Singing Workshops, for groups who are interested in learning about vocal technique, body consciousness, choral singing and listening to the deep silence within... These workshops are very popular. The duration of the workshops can last from three hours to two days, depending on the depth of work required. 

MuOM creates songs and harmonies that transmit the purity and the power of sound.

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