MUON is a band delving through electronic experimentation and beat-science, fusing together bricolages from genres as diverse as IDM, ambient trip-ho and jazzy cinematic soundscapes.


MUON is a band delving through electronic experimentation and beat-science, fusing together bricolages spanning IDM, ambient trip-hop, and jazzy cinematic soundscapes. Aiming for that liminal spot between the live and electronic realms, the music of MUON is a trip into a landscape where the marriage between dehumanized emotion and callous machines is perfectly complete.
The band has played various festivals ranging from the Mosaic Music Festival, The People’s Party, Baybeats, Wardrobe @ Zouk, JUICE Anniversary show, and has also shared the stage with MGMT and The Whitest Boy Alive.
MUON was the first act invited to kick-off audio-visual collective Syndicate’s first SubSessions night, and was one of seven music artists invited to represent Singapore in the British Council’s ‘Musicity’ global initiative, which saw the fusion of architecture and music. MUON was selected to compose an ‘environmental soundtrack’ for The Esplanade.
With a prolific and somewhat discontinuous output, MUON has a body of work spanning 4 albums, the latest being ‘The Shape of Shapes to Come’, an enigmatic and monumental manifesto released in 2012 to critical-acclaim.
In addition, MUON was invited to compose a full soundtrack to PlusMinusTen, Asia’s first exhibition celebrating the design principles of German industrial designer Dieter Rams. MUON won the 2011 JUICE Award for ‘Best Laptop Act’.
The band has been working on new material for an upcoming release, marking a stylistic transition and departure from arcane experimentation, going into the realm of formal results. Employing the use of vocals and fractured narratives, the new work attempts to render musically the immanent yet elusive ‘chaos of the normal’.
MUON is made up of Nick Chan, Jordan Chia, Adam Shah and Ren.

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The Shape of Shapes to Come LP - 2012
MUON - Live @ Mosaic Festival - 2011
The New Mutants LP - 2008
MUON: Bangkok Live - 2006
In Flught LP - 2004
The Death of Cinema LP - 2003