We play music that we like to listen to...which is many different styles, from punk to folk to experimental...we don't like to place ourselves in one specific genre as that seems to limit bands to that genre. Our music is hard to place but people seem to like it so we must be doing something right.


Murals is a four piece band from Louisville, Kentucky who have been playing original music for about 3 years. We like to make music that we enjoy listening to and take in all sorts of influences. Our favorite bands include The Velvet Underground, The Beatles, The Kinks, The Stooges, Bob Dylan, The Stranglers, My Bloody Valentine, Meat Puppets, Nirvana, The Black Lips, Dosh...many other bands that would take a long time to list. Murals formed in two pieces. When we were freshmen at Ballard High School Jacob and Evan would get together and write songs with just two acoustic guitars. Later, Rob joined after getting a drumset around their sophomore year. Having performed a few covers for some talent shows at their high school they wrote their first song together 'Strange Dream'. It was performed at the Ballard Dessert Concert and they recieved positive feedback. Encouraged by this they began writing more and more songs together. They became Murals in the Fall of 2006 and have been steadily releasing music via Myspace since February of 2007 and have already accumulated about 11,000 plays. We are working on completing an album that should be done in 2008. We want to play lots of shows anywhere and are up for anything....just ask us and we'll come.


We currently have a six song demo consisting of:

New Ground
Life of Wait
Black Plastic Guitar
Square Prism
Dae Zinn

Our songs can also be heard on myspace at

Set List

Our set usually consists of 15-20 songs although we are in the process of writing new material. We play some covers such as Neil Youngs "Only Love Can Break Your Heart". Almost everything we play is original music. We have played 4 or 5 shows which required a 4 hour set and we've done just fine with that as well. We like to do impromptu jams during our live sets and people have given us alot of positive feedback in that area.