Murdering Tripping Blues

Murdering Tripping Blues


The name MURDERING TRIPPING BLUES defines itself: the energy and emotion of a crime of passion, altered states of consciousness and the soul of the blues.

blah blah BANG!!!


Between 2005 and 2006 Henry Leone Johnson gives birth to his rebel son, the breed of a violent and carnal relationship, born from animal urge and restrained desires. MURDERING TRIPPING BLUES were born taking advantage from the impulse, the instant, giving the creative role to strongest feelings, without reason’s camouflage. A demo was recorded at the Art of Possession studios, built by Henry Leone Johnson himself. This was held captive in a hard drive while he wandered through the streets of Rome. Returning to Portugal by the end of 2006, Henry chose Johnny Dynamite and Mallory Left Eye as partners in crime, assuming the roles of drummer and keyboardist/VJ. In March 2007 they started spreading their contagious rock, playing gigs throughout the country, creating a buzz in the Portuguese scene. They went into the studio in July 2007 to record several songs, three of which were chosen to appear in their first release, a 7” vinyl record released with the support of Groovie Records and Raging Planet labels. This disc is called BLAH BLAH BANG!!!

In January 2008, as they continued to burn stages, the recording of their first long play album was “Knocking at The Backdoor Music”, also taking place at Urban Insect Studios, produced and mixed by Fernando Matias with Murdering Tripping Blues, and mastered by Dave Collins at Collins Audio in the USA. The record was released in April, through Raging Planet, the same year. A short passage through Spain helps to spread the contagion in other countries.

And that will be spread out with the release of a new record called “Share the Fire”, in 2010. The new album was produced and mixed by Boz Boorer (Polecats, Morrisey) in 7 days and mastered by Dave Collins, once again. It features one new instrument: the Saxophone. Terry Edwards was the perfect man for this job. He recorded three tracks and he was the band’s first choice to do it. As his experience with Gallon Drunk, Nick Cave or PJ Harvey spoke very loud to the trio’s ears.

Since the band’s birth, they have shared stages with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Lords of Altamont, Autoramas, Gallon Drunk, Blood Red Shoes, The Urges, Andre Williams and Mão Morta, among other musicians. They joined arms with Kaló, lead vocals of Bunnyranch, exchanged riffs with Miguel Pedro (composer and founding member of Mão Morta) and shared bohemian nights with the Wonderland Club.


7" Vinyl
Groovie Records\Raging Planet Records

One of the album tracks called "modern times, so simple" received emediate airplay in a major Portuguese Radio Station and the EP made everyone thirsty for more.

Raging Planet Records

Add 3 tracks air-playing in most of the independent and major radio stations, was critically acclaimed by the press and by the always growing audience.

2nd Album
Raging Planet Records

Recorded and mixed by Boz Boorer (Polecats, Morrisey, Jools Holland, Adam Ant, etc.) in 7 days at Serra Vista Studio with special guest Terry Edwards (Gallon Drunk, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Tom Waits, etc.) on Sax.

Set List

The band normal set list includes the majority of their albums songs and takes about 1:30h depending on their feeling and the amount of improvisation the band does.