Murder Mouse Blues Band

Murder Mouse Blues Band

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

We're a nuclear pirate blues band. We're the kind of band Hemingway would have liked.


We're a band made up of 3 different professional musicians. We come from 3 different places. Funk and punk influences meets Blues and Irish rebel music crossed with jazz and reggae.

We approach blues on an emotional level yet have a diversity of influence and skills to communicate that emotion with precision. We play with passion, like Johnny Cash's original Tennesee two, or Jerry Lee Lewis in the fifties. We're pure energy coming off stage, people who hear us fall in love with us. We've been compared to Rory Gallagher, Bob Dylan and one man said the way we play the blues would raise Son House from the dead.

We're 3 men playing our hearts out, we're like the Wedding Parties anything mixed with the Pogues, Johnny Paycheck and Hank Williams all rolled into one.

what sets us apart from other bands is we play and connect with peoples primal nature, when people hear us they understand themselves.

put simply: we're the greatest band on earth


We will be releasing our first album POP MUCK in march 09. Previews from this album the President's Blues and Apocalypse Blues can be found on

Set List

We are a versatile band, our gigs range from 90 minute concert type sets to 3 hour gigs with 3x 45 mins sets.

We play 80% original blues/roots/rock and 20% traditional Blues.

On occasion we will be asked to play some covers, these would consist of either Irish songs such as Whiskey in the Jar/ faiytale of New York/ Old Triangle, Johnny Cash songs such as Folsom/ Cocaine Blues/I Got Stripes etc

Our original and traditional interpretations are what we play for so although covers can be played they generally make up a small proportion of a gig.