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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Making a Mountain"

By: Phillip Salatrik

Choice Quotes:

"Sometimes small bands do big things. That was the case Friday in Hamtramck as a little band out of Warren put on the performance of their lives."

"A new voice." - Main Street, April 6, 2006

"Paperback Writer"

How do I describe an Indie band who sounds punk, but isn’t, but kind of is. They remind me of the B-52s with a dose of Violent Femmes, and some Frank Black smashing it all together if he tore into their underground sound universe with arms flailing, saying, “No! Insanity should be spelled this way!”

Murder Mystery is just plain fun… a 6-song CD with a zebra on the cover. You know it’s not serious… yet it is… though the lyrics and singing is playful. - N.L. Belardes, Oct. 2006


"...a quite pleasing mix."

"...simple and direct."

"Murder Mystery can make truly great music."

"A blast to see live." - Frequency Squared, June 2006

"Ear Candy"

"The guitars are thin and uber-indie rock in that old school sense, the vocals are sort of Velvets-meet-math while the songs aspire to Pavement. Murder Mystery are good, old fashioned college rock." - Real Detroit Weekly, June 2006

"Static's: Detroit Wax"

"They manage to capture the sound and the spirit of bands like the Fall and VU and mix it up with recent bands such as Pavement and the Flaming Lips, making it sound fresh" - Inflame Media, June 2006

"7 Days in Detroit"

"Harkening back to the stripped, uncompromising qualities of rock 'n' roll, Murder Mystery bring unabashedly raucous indie rock to your ears and eyes, Often spastic without the dramatic, be ready to do a little hip shake whatnot." - Real Detroit Weekly, August 2007

"WNM Reviews"

"The band has become very tight and creates great energy especially from Adam the lead singer and guitarist. I like to explain their show as, Elvis Costello meets the MC5...The songs are fun, catchy and very natural. Gotta love a band that sings about a spelling bee and bears."
- White Noise Music


Shrine of the Little Flower (EP) February 2009
Big Rocket Go Now! (EP) released August 2007
Self-titled (EP) released April 2006 on DetroitSounds' Records

Tracks that have received radio airplay in Detroit, Maryland, Missouri, Wisconsin and on




First and foremost Murder Mystery are good at hanging out, being nice, and playing really good music. Beginning in 1999, this group of indie rockers combines the talents of Dennis (drums), Adam (guitar and vocals), Ken (bass and vocals), and Greg (drums). A blend of influences from The Fall, Pavement, Sebadoh, and the Velvet Underground (from where the group got its name) form a sound creation that barrels through with impassioned delivery.