Murder Plan

Murder Plan


Alt blues to beat the shit out of you


Murder Plan are a 5-piece alt blues band from Dublin who started playing together in May 2006. They are fronted by Stephanie O'Keeffe, a Royal Academy of Music trained chanteuse, who delivers jazzy-blues vocals over predominantly piano-led
musical arrangements.

Their style ranges from classic genre pieces to macabre alternative art bits. Influences include Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Nina Simone and Wilco. Live shows tend to be classy affairs, marrying early 20th century couture with contemporary trends. Roll up, roll up for the murder macabaret.


Wasdumb to Wisdom

Written By: Murder Plan

In the morning
When he comes for me
He's got a wantin'
But all he's gonna get's a little kiss
Oh he's so fine
Aw yeah

And If I want
Anything the world
I'm going to get it
'Cos that's just the way that he is
Takes good care of me
Shame about the little mistake

I hope you don't mind
My bit on the side
I hope you know why
I don't try and you never see me cry

Now don't you question
Why I'm giving him much more Attention
Even though I'm meant to love you
I can't lie any more
I'm on the floor

Bring it on [stop]
Back in time to when we first met
Remember it was good and now it's not
And I get my kicks
Fooling around and around and around and around

I hope you don't mind
My bit on the side
I hope you know why
I don't try and you never see me cry

This dead end game is a funny thing
Why would you play so hard
That you'd break my wings
I'd fall from grace on high
Through a muddy sky
But you'd break my fall
So I'll never ever die
I'll walk the streets at night
Knives out I'm getting by
And this goddamn rain's
Running down my eyes
All these crooked soldiers
With their beat-up smiles
They don't impress at all -
You might just see me cry______.


Written By: Murder Plan

I'm twisted
I hurt myself again
I don't really know when
And that's the price to pay
For anyone when they say
That you gotta make a dash or a run for a bus - take a look
As that's what everyone's doing
But who am I to make that call

...because we're all on the same rock baby

I’m broken
My head is full of steam
I’m livid and I’m out of my tree
But I can't quite remember why.
When there’s 1,2,3,4
5,6,7,8 people that love
And people that don’t like
I could have said hate there
But I didn’t

...because we're all on the same rock baby`


Murder Plan1
The Dead (tango)
Nina's Waltz
Ain't that the Way
Annesley Bridge on New Year's Eve
God Help You

Set List

10-12 original songs.
No covers.

set list:
Barn Rant
Twisted II
Soul Dance
Pretty in Polkadots (duet)
Was Dumb to Wisdom
Annesley Bridge on New Year's Eve
John Hancock's Shit Fix
Ain't that the Way
The Dead (tango)
Inside Outsiders
At the End of the Day
God Help You