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"Another Independent Clauses Review"

Band: Murdervan
Album: N/A
Genre: Alternative Rock
Best Element: Uniform style without having three sound-alike songs.
Label: Self-released

It is very hard to classify Murdervan’s sound. At times, they sound very much like an old-school punk band, while at other times, they sound like an almost psychedelic alternative rock band.

That’s not to say that Murdervan doesn’t have a unique sound. The pervasive sound is dark and brooding, with sometimes angry vocals. They are skilled at taking this overall style of music and mixing it up, making for three listenable tracks. For example, “Everyone Else”, the first track on this three song demo, sounds very trippy, while the last track, “Like a King”, has a more driving, quick, punk-ish feel to it. The middle track, “Losing Blood”, is a combination of both of these.

Thus, each of the songs on this three song demo has a different sound, giving a pretty decent idea of what Murdervan’s overall sound would be on a full length release.

-Andrea Goodwin
- Independent Clauses

" approval?"

Update 4.21.05 - Finally it's April 21 which only means I will no longer need to listen to the horde of corny ass motherfuckers telling me it's 4/20. Listen up you fucking potheads, I don't smoke pot, fuck that entry level crap and start shooting heroin, it obviously will help many of you make better music. For those of you who might be wondering where this phrase "420" came from, here is a site to help you solve that mystery, waldo420.

In other news, I received an e-mail last night which is worthy of posting. Before I get to it I will tell you this, if you want to endorse your band you must follow a few simple rules, as follows. You must abide by ALL the rules set forth in this site, also you must be able to appreciate a joke and criticism as well kissing our asses will never fail. SO without further adieu our first official middle finger of approval goes out to a band so appropriately named MURDERVAN. I checked out their music and it's good, it has that "we're having a fucking fun time fuck you your fucking fuck, this shit comes easy to us sound". A copy of their email follows.

Not to sure who to send this to, so I sent it to all of ya...That's some of the funniest shit that I've read in awhile. Especially the Rules for Bands...and we agree with a lot that was said on that page. It in a way describes how we feel too. Anyway, we're three guys from CT in a band called MURDERVAN. It would be cool if you guys check us out. We recommend As well as the links below. We don't put a lot of information up about ourselves because a)who the fuck are we? and b) who honestly gives a shit? So keep up the good work on the site, and maybe we will be in contact again. Take it easy. -- Cheers, MURDERVAN

Now not for nothing, but it takes a lot of balls to send a link to all your music to a site that is known for bashing the fuck out of your shit. These guys said fuck it and went ahead and did it anyway, knowing we could totally rape them, but the attitude and music spoke for itself. Take some lessons kids, I will be sending MURDERVAN out on the road to kick all your asses. The rest of you and your crappy bands still suck jail cell balls, MURDERVAN doesn't. - - - Spazz

"Independent Clauses review"

"I love rock- and MURDERVAN is pure, unadulterated rock. They have some eighties influences and some nineties influences, but the cascading lead guitar and slamming chord guitars just scream out "ROCK!" The vocals here are excellent too- both lead and back-up. I find myself singing along with this often. "Everyone Else" is especially cool at the end when the drummer starts the snare riff and supercharges everything. MURDERVAN is the real deal in garage rock- it may not be Weezer, but it's still great to know there are good things coming out of suburban garages. Can't get enough of this." -

"Shut Eye Records comments"

"MURDERVAN's eccentric brand of post- grunge subverts tradtional angst- driven rock with clever structure and arrangement. Somewhere along the lines of experimentation and aggression, these guys have fused a unique brand of alternative that bears resemblance to few other enterprising groups like All the Dead Pilots. A mere 3 songs, this sampler boasts wonderful potential, "Like a King" being the standout track." - Shut Eye Records (Ryan Hoffer A&R/Radio Promotion)


- Everyone Else
- Losing Blood
- Like a King

We have a full length self-released album due out in February. If you want a CD, Sticker, T-Shirt or Pin of this band called Murdervan send an email to:



Murdervan is a rock and roll power trio from New Haven, CT. They have been together for 2 years. Murdervan's sound is loud, sometimes angry, never happy, liquid punk. Murdervan is influenced by such groups as Mudhoney, Kiss, The Ramones, Blue Cheer, Nirvana, The Stooges, The Cars and Grand Funk. Murdervan's simple, heavy, 3 minute songs are a reflection of their short attention spans, shitty jobs and problems with authority figures.