Murder Your Gods

Murder Your Gods

 Olympia, Washington, USA

The Scent of Sin seeping from materialistic deities. Murder Your Gods; Free Your Soul!


Started in May of 2010, Murder Your Gods, is a thrash/groove/death metal mix of epic proportions. Started by long time friends with different guitar styles (Steve and Adam) and then soon joined by Andrew on Bass, the entity that is Murder Your Gods was on its way to becoming unique and brutal! With the final addition of Jon on the drums (with 10years of experience in the local metal scene) Murder Your Gods was complete, and the rampage begins!


First 5 song EP "Scent of Sin" releasing March 10th!
Sing "Rise to Die"

Set List

Rise to Die
Sins of the Prideful
The Art of Dying
Dark Protectors
Feel My Hate
Scent of Sin
Big Bertha