Original light rock band with a wide range of material.


Murdok are a Dublin based band. Some of the lads have been playing together for many many years but only in the last year have started gigging together. With all four members their influences are of a wide range from Pink Floyd to Mozart and EVERYTHING in between. Murdok like to keep their audience interested by having a different approach for each song.


Murdok have just finished recording their EP.
It is on sale at all their gigs.

Set List

One of Murdoks typical sets would be approx. 45mins long. Song titles:
1. Cost
2. Not Myself Lately
3. Mindless Situation
4. Little Spirit
5. The Balance
6. Square One
7. Bloodlust
8. Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash cover)
9. Seeing You
10. So Fired Up