Muris Varajic

Muris Varajic


Instrumental guitar music,lost of styles,from smooth Jazz,Funk,Blues to Eastern European influenced Hard Rock,and for live gigs plus vocal and instrumental tunes from many famous artists..


Hi to all of you.

My name is Muris Varajic, guitarist from Bosnia, born in 1979.
I started playing guitar when I was 13,and from then till now I've played with many bands and pop-rock stars from Bosnia and region of Eastern Europe.Currently in building my solo career.


Maelstrom (Sarajevo) 1996-1998
Played lots of gigs,recorded one promo CD and had many TV's shows guesting.

Puls (Sarajevo) 1998-2001
Played many club gigs and jams,won 2 prices at Heinekken Rock Festival in Zanica(BA) in 2001

Pakt 5 (Sarajevo) 2001 till now
My current bend I work with too.We do lots of club gigs and private party's,but also 4 of us guys from bend work as a "bend on stage" for many artist from this region.This winter 2006 we recorded few singles that shall be out soon in 2007.

Star artist:



Rizo ruža Put do srece 2001
Rizo ruža Ljubav k'o vjera 2003
Rizo ruža Bosanski lonac 2005
Let It Out solo record 2007

Set List

Tunes from Let It Out.
Covers like Garry More, SRV, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits,