The leading of the masses into an existential awakening, to come out the other side drained and enlightened. The exploitation, nay exhaustion of all your current opinions and beliefs. Something new, something....'not familiar'


MurmuR is three people from Newcastle, Australia.

Daniel - Ryan - Jono

Beginning in 2003 MurmuR started out as imitators of grunge and heavy rock. Over the three years that MurmuR have been playing together they have developed their own sound which cannot be pinned down to any one era or genre. With the current wake of garage rock dulling the world and its airwaves, and in the true essence of rock and roll MurmuR do not write what has already been written before, and MurmuR do not play what has already been played before. Instead MurmuR learns from the past and progress music forward to create something - "not familiar."

In January 2006 MurmuR released the CD single “not familiar,” which featured two tracks: the blistering Something In The Way and what’s since been described as the epic, Crosshairs.

Together MurmuR believe in looking to the future when it comes to music and so write songs that are unique to this time. MurmuR want to create music that is energising, expansive, individual and above all...

not familiar.


CD single - "not familiar"

Track 1: Something In The Way
Track 2: Crosshairs

*released January 2006

**Hear the tracks at**

Set List

45mins. 8 songs.

How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
Questions and Answers
Daily Activities
The Wait
Something InThe Way