Murphee K

Murphee K

 Gainesville, Florida, USA


Murphee K is a three piece pop punk band hailing from the mean streets of Gainesville, Fla.

Founding member/singer/guitarist George Perez started MPK many moons ago while attending the University of Florida (and living in the Murphree Hall dormitory). During this time, bassist Chris Hencher was also attending UF and playing in such bands as Normal Bias, No More and Forward to name a few.

But the two didn’t meet until years later when George returned to Florida after a short stint in Texas and needed another band to share a warehouse with while he re-assembled the band. Chris’s band at the time needed a warehouse, but when that band broke up (in true Fleetwood Mac fashion) it just made sense that Chris and George work together; they had the warehouse, all they needed was the drummer. Ronnie Pirtle came into the picture when Chris and George saw the ad he’d posted on craigslist: “Multi Talented Drummer Seeks Band!”

The rest, as they say, is history.


H.O.M.E.: A Gainesville Benefit For The Homeless Outreach Mobile Effort - Compilation feat. "Red Rose"