Murphy's Kids

Murphy's Kids


Socio-consious reggae- rock that makes the bottom drop.


Murphys Kids live to rock. Their goal is to bring everyone into the experience from the folks at the bar to the fans up front. The rhythm section of guitar, bass, and drums thumps out the backbone while the horn section lays their smooth runs on top. Its all complimented by the dual vocal of Attaway and Charlet whos socially-savvy and anthemic melodies help everything to fall into place. The boys havebeen together for six years and have been making booties shake and fists pump all along the way. They have played every all-ages club in Richmond and have completed three full tours of the east coast and the southeast. They have been a featured artist for two years running on the SouthernSka Tour hosted by They have also recorded and released three CDs that have been met with enthusiasm and have sold accordingly. They have headlined and supported at an array of venues. Club owners and promoters in and around the Richmond area continue to find how well MK works on bills with bands of regional and international fame such as Less Than Jake, the Suicide Machines, the Toasters, the Slackers, Fighting Gravity, Voodoo Glow Skulls,Mutemath,The Fray,Soldiers of Jah Army, the Ernies and the Pietasters. You will hear journalists and fans alike asking Is that reggae or rock or what? Murphys Kids will leave it open to interpretation as long as it makes the booty shake and the heart pump. Their approach is both precise and brutal. As a band who wants to rock harder than all and groove even harder, they make their musical mark by becoming a hybrid of fast, catchy rock and deep, groovy reggae rhythms. They have a full set of reggae covers as well as 15 second hardcore songs. They have been compared to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and the Toasters. You will find everything in their CD players from old school reggae like Burning Spear and Bob Marley to new school progressive rock like the Mars Volta and Coheed and Cambria. With all the conjecture about what their sound is and what they are trying to do musically the bottom line is Murphys Kids brings it. Their paramount goal is for everyone to go home sweaty, exhausted and grinning from ear to ear.


Anti Corporate Beach Party

Written By: Murphy's Kids

I heard about a little buzz.
Wondered what the fuss was all about.
'It's down by the water.' I keep hearing.
But a fence keeps us out.
What could be a possible reason
For this restriction from the shore.
Then we see it in the moon light.
this pirate ship looks just like a department store.

The S.S. Targexpress floats up in the bay and I smell.
Mexican food and brand new shoes and we hear the screams from hell.
Coming from below the deck they start low and crescendo.
I see some people laughing.
You don't even know.
You're about to choke on your burrito.

That was the night we burnt that ship to the waterline.
Sat back on the shore and watched the fire.

A halo appears above the ship in the light of the moon.
It's the souls of migrant farmers and children working on Wal-Mart sweat suits.
People I've never seen before but still call my friends
Congregate, ask each other for strength and we move to the front of the crowd
To tear this fucking fence.

This food turns to blood and dust in my mouth.
Get free.
What we need we'll give to each other.
Stay fast,
To the new bottom line.
To your sisters, and your brothers.

Sat back on the shore and watched the fire.

Are Your With Me?

Written By: Murphy's Kids

Nothing like looking up and only seeing friends.
I see a band, a mohawk, and a grin.
We're turned on, we're tuned in.
Ask why we fight, ask why we fuss.
Thanks to this noise that we can trust.
Call Domino's, see if Rusty's coming to the show.

And all I want to know is, are you with me?
And all I want to say is, we'll make the best of '03
The spirit, the message, show me what's progressive,
But all I want to know is, are you with me?

More than smoke, the people ask if I can feel the heat.
A new day almost complete.
Tomorrow we'll eat it whole.
We like to play our rock and roll,
But we might like each other more.
Call James and Tony, where the fuck is the frisbee?

Hit me with ideas, with your thoughts, and your music.
I want to integrate, create, and use it.
Sum of parts and that's all.
I is far lesser than we.
In the end it's just my friends and me.
Right on Grace and we're gold,
Reid says, "Welcome home."

Home, happy to know I got twenty-two to go.
The air makes me choke when it's warm.
All of a sudden I am the calm, I am the storm.

Home, people to see, too many places to go.
Could I be a lost ship just like the Minnow?
Give me rhyme. Give me reason.
Rest for my anatomy and love for this hole.

Thoughts on my Encounter with Martin Luther King III

Written By: Murphy's Kids

Time moves on 24 at a time,
Take it or leave it cause it's leaving you.
Perfect past, unavoidable future,
Present tense will forever come and go.
And you know more malevolent things feed the dark,
Than you not looking like me.
Take a minute or a second to disarm,
But more importantly, can you see?

I am an animal and you are not so far behind it.
Why do we let them tell us that we stink
But they are swimming in shit?
A diligent effort to secure what's mine,
Show me answers that prove untrue. Militance and anger via TV device...
I want to die about as much as I want to kill you.
And if we occupy a similar space at the same time,
Will one of us end up dead?
We got mothers and fathers, sons and daughters,
Do you want a full graveyard
Full of cold headstones instead? April the 5th, a day like any other,
An idea crossed my head.
I took it out about as far as it would go.
I thought to myself,
"What if one day one single ray of light shows itself
To the people like the stories I've been told?"

I think of a place where harmony sustains the people,
And it's easier to think of someone else.
We become a positive people doing positive things,
And we find a better way.
It's a way to live that's better for your health,
And it's easier to take it easy on yourself.

I am an animal, you...
I am an animal, you're not far behind,
But you do what you've been told.


Johnny Ray - Out of print
Don't Wait - Out of print
This Voice - 2004
Anti Corporate Beach Party - 2006

Set List

- Plans
- Cranky
- Dodger
- Breaker
- Mandate
- Thoughts
- Jack and Jill
- Yellowstone
- Better Things
- Dirty Look Girl
- Burns like Fire
- Richmond Bands
- What Do You Think?
- Stand for Tomorrow
- My Other Body is a “10”
- The Anti Corporate Beach Party
- Tim McGraw is a Plague Sent Here by God to Punish All of Mankind

- Second that Emotion – Smoky Robinson
- Out All Night – The Pietasters
- End of the World – REM
- Face in my Crowd – The Slackers
- Build Me up Buttercup – The Temptations
- Watermelon Man – Herbie Hancock
- Don’t Push – Sublime
- Running Right through the World – The Toasters