Murphys Pigs

Murphys Pigs


MURPHYS PIGS formed specifically to play Festival Interceltique in France, 2006. A massive audience jumping up and down to Australian flavoured celtic songs got right under their skins. They'd like to get their trotters on more of the same. Where there's swill there's a way.


In the music world there are Celtic bands and there are Celtic bands. And then there's Murphy's Pigs. These irreverent purveyors of fine Celtic music hail from Brisbane, Australia; another fine example of the English colonial experiment gone wrong. It's little wonder that Celtic music thrives in a land thick with the descendants of Irish convicts and Scottish immigrants.

Formed to perform during the 'Year of Australia' events at the world's largest Celtic festival - Festival Interceltique- in Lorient, France the Pigs have quickly established themselves as a force in the Celtic music genre, and experts in the art of "organised chaos". If the Pigs had to define their music it would best be described as 'Retro Celtic'. Classic Celtic music from the folk revival era of the 60's and 70's - with a sprinkling of some of the more contemporary stuff to keep it interesting. No sacred cows here.

Embraced by their audiences, their music is enhanced by the enthusiastic participation of those lucky enough to secure themselves a stool at the bar. But just don't take their word for it. Get off your arse, come along, join in and enjoy the craic.


Murphys Pigs Live at the Irish Club

Set List

Set list varies from a 10 minute guest appearance at a tattoo to a 90 minute festival set. Plenty of songs/instrumentals and also dances.
Whiskey on a Sunday, Clare to Here, Black is the Colour, The Town I loved so Well, Leaving of Nancy, Streets of London, Black Velvet Band, Flower of Scotland, Red Rose Cafe, Maggie, Black and Tans, Step it Out Mary, Gypsy Rover, The Rambles of Spring, Leaving of Liverpool, Fields of Athenry, The Boys of Killbegs, The Irish Rover, Sergeant Where's Mine, Brisbane Ladies, The Rare Oul' Times, Back Home in Derry, I'll Tell My Ma, Macpherson's Rant, Nancy Spain, Muirsheen Durkin, Wild Rover, Will Ye Go?, Dirty Old Town, Shores of Botany Bay, Poor Ned, The Ferryman, Boys of the Old Brigade, No Man's Land, Diamantina Drover, The Whale, Ryebuck Shearer, Whiskey in the Jar, The Parting Song, Follow Me up to Carlow, Farewell to Carlingford, Sean South of Garryowen, The Town I Loved so Well, Molly Malone, Wild Colonial Boy, Mairi's Wedding, Flight of Earls, Fa