Murray Daigle

Murray Daigle


Veteran Canadian record producer with more 20 years experience producing, engineering, mixing and mastering. Murray has become a music industry staple, playing an integral role in developing indie artists and leading them from the jam room to major label deals.


Murray Daigle is a eighteen-year veteran of the Canadian and International music scene with a reputaion spanning the globe for his work as a Producer and sometimes Artist. Murray also owns and operates the MDS Recording, one of Canada's premier recording facilities.

Some of Murray's works include Mughshot's "Pause & Reflect", The Fullblast's "Short Controlled Bursts" (Dine Alone/Universal), Not By Choice's "Second Hand Opinions" (Maple Music/Bullion Japan), Cauterize's "So Far From Real" (Wind-Up Records) & "Paper Wings", as well as projects by The Mudmen, The Livid, Summer Hero, Autumn Avenue, Jamie Dart, 16th Avenue, Wide Mouth Mason, Outmatch and a million other indie bands.

Murray began his career as a recording artist with the band PAIN. At the early age of twenty-one he led his band to the signing of their first international recording contract, Alfa Music/Toshiba-EMI (Japan), with a product that he produced. Since then Murray has never looked back, signing five more international recording deals with Pain and later Emerald Rain.

Murray has produced, engineered, mixed and mastered literally hundreds of records and demos for both independent and label artists and has even worked as the technical producer on a weekly syndicated radio show. His reputation has spread internationally with a client list spanning Canada and as far away as England, Norway, Australia & Japan.

His vast knowledge of all styles of music, experience as a seasoned stage and studio musician, and his unequalled experience and skill behind the recording console make him an invaluable commodity to any recording project.


So Gone

Written By: Murray Daigle

You never make anything straight and simple
All those other girls you’re calling friends…
I’m just not into chasing you around
I ain’t gonna be your fool
I can’t believe that anyone
Wouldn’t see right through you

By the time that you realize
That I m gone, I’ll be so gone
And your lies won’t mean anything no more

You thought that I would never know what you were up to
You think I’m supposed to sit around just waiting for you
I ain’t chasing you around
So find yourself another fool
I know in time that everyone
Will see right though you

By the time that you realize
That I m gone, I’ll be so gone
And your lies won’t mean anything no more

I am sick of all your lies
So when you’re all alone
Maybe you van take the time to realize
What everybody knows

By the time that you realize
That I m gone, I’ll be so gone
And your lies won’t mean anything no more


Cauterize - "Paper Wings" (Wind-Up Records)
Not By Choice - "2nd Hand Opinion" (Maple/Universal)
The Mudmen - "Overrated" (Sextant/EMI)
The Fullblast - Short Controlled Bursts" (Dine Alone/Universal)
Jamie Dart - "Great Expectations" (Bullseye)
Warmachine - "Beggining Of The End" (Nitemare)
Hello Beautiful- "Soundtrack For A Scenario" (Bent Penny/Universal)
Hundreds more.....