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A combination of vocals with acoustic guitar, and background sequenced electronic music combined with digitally altered ambient sound effects.


"MurTor Music sounds like Star Trek meets Neil Young."
- Wayne Saunders SOCAN

"MurTor is a mathematical philosopher."
- James Lanbro, from Jimi Maze and Canary Mine

MurTor_Music is a collection of music created by Murray Taylor, who records, performs, and composes original material. Murray has been passionate about music since he started taking piano lessons when he was eight years old. As a teenager, he learned to play guitar on his Dad's old Yamaha gut-string acoustic guitar and decided on going to Grant McEwan College to study music.

During his two years at Grant McEwan, Murray learned jazz guitar from the legendary Bobby Cairns, and studied Recording Arts in his second year. Following his graduation from GMCC Murray played with a variety of bands: The Downtown Buttah Blues Band, Another Midnight Revival, Blacbeard, Sonica, and the Fabulous Bee Feeders. This resulted in several live performances across western Canada, as well as being involved in video shoots, radio interviews, and live TV performances.

After retiring from the Fabulous Bee Feeders, Murray was introduced to Edmonton based hypnotist Wayne Lee. Murray immediately began working with Wayne as his Production Manager. Murray recorded Wayne's new Audio manifesting system, Magicnicity. Following the completion of Wayne's new product, Murray went on to do live sound and video production for Wayne's events all over Western Canada, Ontario, Indianapolis In, Las Vegas, Marco Island Fl, and most recently Australia.

Now 10 years after graduating from Grant McEwan, Murray has started his solo project, MurTor. With the help of Dr. Khamserk Yangwhe (Uncas, Fabulous Bee Feeders) and DJ Peter Star (Virgo Supercluster), Murray is now performing his own unique blend of acoustic/electronic music for the enjoyment of music lovers across the globe.


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Set List

1. Concrete
2. Mind Of The Sea
3. Mass Suggestion
4. What Tomorrow Looks Like
5. Little Feat
6. Medium
7. Transmutation
8. Undermined
9. Double Time Life
10. Irony Of It All

1 set roughly 45 minutes