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"Mury - The Tarot Card Prophecy"

Of all the records I have reviewed in my tenure here at Absolutepunk, there has never been one as blunt and straight up as The Tarot Card Prophecy. Unlike many of the bands of today, they don't completely hide behind a world of sexual innuendos, I can see them being more like the guys that take what they want. When a band does the aforementioned, it gets old fast and while it might be a hit with the kids nowadays, it's always fun to have your pop versions of songs like "Crazy Bitch". By this time, my guess is that I have lost you. Well let me explain.

Mury is a short but sweet name for a band like this. They're not really trying to impress anyone with a cliche name like many of the pop rock bands out there nowadays. Their debut record, The Tarot Card Prophecy, is just as unique as their name. It opens with "Welcome To The Family" where they make sure to know that "it's all about us", it's a great opener for a band like this because it starts off quiet and then they break into full band. The next track, "I Got References" is a literal cross between Jimmy Eat World and any of the sexy songs of our time that girls like to grind up all on your stuff to. It's a fun combination. Another strong track on the EP and my favorite track on the record, "Backflips and Ninja Tricks", which really draws me in with Chris Alder's awkward but fitting vocals. Probably my favorite line of this song is "I'm gonna to eat you alive if you don't explain exactly what you see in me". It's just another fun pop song with a somewhat blatant sexual innuendo. Which is fun in these cases. The final track on the EP, "3/13" is just a short taste of what we can expect in the future. It's a ballad that really shows that this band could go somewhere if they choose to.

The Tarot Card Prophecy, I believe is a record that many cross over fans would enjoy. It's got the catchy and somewhat random pop sound that Gatsby's American Dream has, the fun pop style of Jimmy Eat World, some of the pop instrumentals of The Format, but don't treat this as if it's something that's only meant for something out of the 90's or for teenage girls. This is accessible for everyone. I'll be surprised if this band isn't signed in the next two years. Record labels take notice.


Take a trip over the pond to Oakland, California. You might come across a very talented and surprisingly unsigned quartet, Mury. The band have quit their jobs, sold their vehicles and pulled all of their resources together to have the opportunity to share their music with anyone who wants to listen.

"Their twisted mainstream sound is what makes them so damn catchy. Like Welcome To The Family for instance. With its jangly, ska styled backbeat and raucous guitars it stands out for fuelling pure, raw emotion. The B-Side To The Truth is another strong, quality song. The songs content about an "old flame", can become tiresome if not done correctly. But Mury are one of those that have pulled it with ease. The fact that they wear their hearts on their sleeve's may have something to do with it!

Another one of our Mury favourites, I Got References, is a guitar driven tune of anthemic proportions. The whole storyline, Mury make their songs rotate around is very well done. They may just consist of the usual, verse, chorus, verse etc. But its what lies inside of those verses & choruses that really make Mury stand out.

The songs that we have mentioned are featured on Mury's latest CD, The Tarot Card Prophecy.

For more information on Mury you can check them out here - Unearthed Treasures


Tarot Card Prophecy, EP
Souls for Sale, EP



Mury is a pop/rock band based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Mury pride themselves on writing genuine music with honest lyrics and consistently performing high-energy live shows. They recorded their debut EP, The Tarot Card Prophecy, with Matt Winegar (Green Day, Primus, and Royal Bliss, among others) six weeks after forming in March of 2007. said of TCP "This is accessible for everyone. I'll be surprised if this band isn't signed in the next two years. Record labels take notice."

Shortly after the release of TCP, Mury relocated to Oakland, CA to set up a tour base. Within the first year of forming they regionally toured the Western U.S. five times, gaining a loyal following and playing over 50 shows. "It was a crazy time for us. We were a new band, just getting to know each other, and growing together as musicians. It was baptism by fire," says singer/guitarist Chris Alder.

After touring the summer and fall of 2007 and winter of 2008, Mury recorded a three-song digital EP, Souls for Sale, which ignited a flurry of online buzz. Then they headed back out on tour for the spring of 2008. In July of 2008, Mury was selected by Airwalk and Spin Magazine to be a finalist in their Unsigned Hero contest, and was also recognized by as one of the top 100 bands to look for in 2009. In September 2008, Mury won the X96 Four-Play competition, which allowed them to play the Big Ass Show at Usana Amphitheatre in their home town of Salt Lake City. "The Big Ass Show was an amazing experience. We all have grown up going to that show. I know I felt honored to be a part of it," says drummer Burt Hoagland, who is endorsed by Shine Drums & Percussion.

The fall of 2008 brought Mury back to their home town to work on writing a full-length. "Writing this time around has been so exciting. We haven't had the time to actually focus on writing since writing our first EP, and we were just starting our band then and everyone was coming from different places. This time we all know how to play together, we know what to expect, and we know how to work together. I think people are really going to hear some growth in the new songs," says Chris Alder.

During only 18 months of existence, Mury has enjoyed more than 350,000 plays on MySpace and reached over 17,000 friends. Mury has also shared the stage with Shiny Toy Guns, The Spill Canvas, Atreyu, Jacks Mannequin, Trapt, Anberlin, Hawthorne Heights, The Hush Sound, Yellowcard, Dear & The Headlights, Steel Train, The Cab, This Providence, Person L, The Maine, Hey Monday, From First To Last, Ludo, A Rocket To The Moon, Liam & Me, The Classic Crime, Socratic, This Providence, Over It, Everybody Else, The Brobecks, Self Against City, Broke City, The Lives Of Famous Men, Paper Mache, The Real You, Bank, and many others.