Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Murzik is a dark folk band, combining traditional European folk sounds with midwestern Americana to create a sound somewhere between the soothing melodies of Leonard Cohen and the Dark brooding of Nick Cave.


Murzik started out in 2003 when Bryan Steenerson recorded a solo album under the name Murzik, a reference to a common Russian name for cats. The album contained dark lyrics, minor keys and various instruments such as accordions, glockenspeils, mandolin, and others. Upon hearing the album, long time friend and accordionist Nathan Simar, was grabbed by the music, and thus Murzik was born. In 2008, Murzik was the primary feature of NPR's radio show called All Things Considered. The interview was based around Murziks origins and their style of what Murzik calls Dark Folk. The radio show was played nationally and is still available on MPR's web site. Later on in that same year Murzik got the opportunity to open up for Mumiy Troll, a famous Russian pop band. In 2012 the group was featured on a tribute album to Vic Chesnutt which was pressed and sponsored by Rock the Cause LLC. Murzik played at SXSW in 2012 and released their latest album "A Cat Named Murzik" in late 2012.   Murzik is currently working on their 5th studio album which is due out by summer 2014.

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