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My name is Musab. I prefer to be called Sab, and yes it's pronounced like the car. I'm from South Minneapolis,MN and I've been writing, recording and performing music for sometime now since like 1993 but I didn't release my first album until 1996 entitled "Comparison" under the name Beyond.

"Comparison" was the first 1st album off a label me and some homies started called Rhymesayers Entertainment. I had no idea what that would amount to at the time but I guess it's done pretty well as far as Indie Hip Hop goes.

Once "Comparison" was released, I did a B-sides album entitled the BE-sides in 1998 which is a project I'm currently working on getting re-released.

Next RSE did a venture with Fat Beats records and I released an EP in 2000 entitled "Actin' Rich" under my real name Musab. It was dope but it didn't make the impact I would have liked it to make.... Oh well.

I kept working and in 2002 released my personal opus entitled "Respect the Life". It took off slow but over time has made its mark, I'm very proud of my work on that album, it's a younger me displaying a desperation I might not ever be able to capture again, and I don't think I'd want to at this point in my life... I don't like the idea of going backwards.

Anyhow I did my thing outside of music after that album for a while and came back with my next album "Slick's Box" in 2007. So far that's my only album not on RSE, that was released on Hiero Imperium.... big ups to Hiero!

"Slick's Box" is an awesome piece of art but I admit it was rushed. After my layoff I really wanted my voice back and I knew releasing this album would do that for me. Now that I have it back I'm determined to keep it and take it where not so many ever expected me to.

It's 2009 and the title of my next album is "H.G.H (Heaven, Girls, Hell)" and I've never been so confident in any of my albums as I am in this one. I'm not going to say much about it, I'll let the music speak for itself.

Besides... I enjoy hearing your own interpretations of the music I make. So brace yourselves and get pumped up on "H.G.H".



Beyond Comparison - Rhymesayers
Respect The Life - Rhymesayers
Actin' Rich - Rhymesayers/FatBeats
Slick's Box - Hiero Imperium
Mack Music Vol. 1
Mack Music Vol. 2

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