Muse 4 Hire

Muse 4 Hire


just a singer/songwriter with a style that's a bit irregular who likes to perform... that's about it...y'all should take a listen


Well...I didn't even get past the first round of auditions at American Idol... But I did win the Yakima'[s Best Singer competition in my hometown...

I've been playing the piano for 17 years, and singing since the 5th grade.... but it wasn't until about 3 years ago that I finally made the connection and put the two together...

I write my own songs, but won't say no to performing other people's work... especially if it's an artist I respect, or that has inspired me, like Sarah McLachlan, Elton John, REGINA SPEKTOR, or others.


"Attempts" (demo) 2005

Set List

My Own Songs:

"Memories of You"
"The End of the World"
"The Way Out"
"The Crayon Song"
"Too Many Miles"
"Cold Shower"
"Cities & People"

Songs I've Covered:

"Samson" Regina Spektor
"The Flowers" Regina Spektor
"Bartender" Regina Spektor
"Chemo Limo" Regina Spektor
"Summer in the City" Regina Spektor
"Angel" Sarah McLachlan
"Your Song" Elton John
"Fidelity" Regina Spektor
"Sailor Song" Regina Spektor