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Muses of Mayhem



Muses of Mayhem is the home to the inner musical workings of singer/songwriter Vanessa Leinani, or "Nessa" for short. Muses of Mayhem is the outlet for a professionally trained musician in the fields of classical music, jazz, & opera with a love for R&B, electronic, pop and hip hop raised under the musicianship of a father whose primary job in life was touring the country as a rock'n'roll guitarist and singer.


Little Feet and Little Hands

Written By: Vanessa Leinani

Little feet and little hands,
Little smiles say I understand
You’re my joy and you are my light
Especially when you close your eyes at night
And smile in your sleep, slumber deep

Never had my own boy or girl
Since you were born you’ve become my world
Your laughter brings joy into every place
And fills the world full of gentle grace
And I love you, I’ll watch over you

No matter what-choice you make I’ll hold your hand any path you take
Whether if it is-destiny or your mistake

Every day grows a little harder, it will test your strength
But make you so much smarter
So keep your faith in all you do should you lose your way,
I’ll still love you

Little hugs that you give are sweet
You bring hope and you are my peace
In my heart you’ve become the beat
I’ll hold you close and I won’t release
And I’ll take care of you, forever here for you.