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Southport, North Carolina, United States

Southport, North Carolina, United States
Band Pop Punk


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"Deckfight- "Tears In My Beer" review"

Found Southport, NC’s Museum Mouth in the best of ways: through random chance. Showed up too early at an alt-country show only to find Museum Mouth and twenty of their closest friends indulging in lo-fi freakout. I walked in expecting nothing, only to find something great.

It is true--from all accounts Museum Mouth is still in high school and hail from a small southern coastal town--but have no caution or fear in following Museum Mouth, this band is for real.

And when I say “real,” I don’t mean some talented copycat with emo bangs, I mean Savannah Levin, Graham High and Karl Kuehn have got something here. And Tears In My Beer equals a rough cut of Times New Viking, Vivian Girls, No Age, Be Your Own Pet or Jeff the Brotherhood.

Museum Mouth possesses this droll easiness with a talented carelessness that molds pop-punk anthems with garage rock. The bridge of “The End of Days” could be found on the current Titus Andronicus record, a laid-back split in “Outside” casually masks some nice progressive guitar parts with lyrics that apologize to all their literary heroes.

And those songs are at the end--which care progressively more mature than the beginning ones--they all deal with breakup essentially, but instead of pining and regretting these songs are more rumination.

One of my favorite songs is “I Stopped Caring” with the lines: “You’ve broken me down to the point/ where all my maturity has been replaced by insecurity/ since when have I lacked the confidence to say the words/ that I’m thinking” and then there’s Karl’s (I think) lackluster fuzzed out voice adding deadpan lines to head-shaking surf beats.

Full disclosure here--I also live near the beach, so when the band says that “when the going gets tough/ I’m gonna go to the beach,” well I’m an easy make. But with classy garage punk rock that blends honesty without cheesiness, that’s a young band to hold on to. Tears in My Beer is fun, but not flip; it is memorable without being annoying, it is impressive, without being perfect---but it’s so close. Proceed with full confidence.

"ihatethesoundofguitars- Artist of the Week( 2010 Week 14)"


Tears in My Beer sounds kinda like a country album title, and maybe not a good one either, but this North Carolina trio’s debut is rambunctious, noisy indie pop. It sounds like not a lot of microphones were involved, and they were all pretty much traumatized. Bassist Savannah Levin takes the lion’s share of the lead vocals (drummer Karl Kuehn delivers the rest). Levin could easily call to mind Be Your Own Pet’s Jemina Pearl, not just in her vocal timbre, but also in her exuberant delivery. Museum Mouth reminded me superficially of Times New Viking as well as BYOP — both comparisons they stand up to surprisingly well. They’re plenty rough around the edges, but the songwriting is solid, with some welcome mood and textural shifts — there’s even a slow (well, slower) pretty song, albeit with the same needle-in-the-red vocal treatment. I want to hear more from this band for sure — and I wouldn’t mind if they went just a little higher-fi next time. I feel like right now there’s a boatload of bands hiding behind sloppy fuzzed-out production because if you cleaned up the recordings you wouldn’t have anything very interesting left. That’s not a problem Museum Mouth needs to worry about.

No need to take my word for any of this: stream Tears in my Beer at, hit up Sound as Language to snag the I am the Idiot of the Jungle EP, and vist Museum Mouth on MySpace for a link to free teaser single “Outside”. -


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2. "Tears In My Beer" - Full Length CD
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We're a trio of youngins from North Carolina's most sleepy beach town. We write short, fast, and fun songs about all the shit that happens in our non-unique lives...LOL We have two self-recorded releases out: an ep called "I AM THE IDIOT OF THE JUNGLE" and our brand new full length record "Tears In My Beer." We want to play shows and meet people! We're already friends, I can feel it!