Musica Deco

Musica Deco


Musica Deco is artist/producer Alex Linegar. Exploring the deeper side of electronic music, Alex creates pieces of sublime atmosphere, from devastating soundscapes to warm and fuzzy electronica.


Alex began his musical journey early with piano lessons before progressing to electric guitar in his early teens. After playing in various alternative bands as guitarist and vocalist, he became progressively more interested in production and after hearing Nine Inch Nail's 'The Downward Spiral' and Aphex Twin's 'Selected Ambient Works II' developed a lifelong passion for synthesis and sound design.

Alex studied communications/media at the University of Canberra and Digital Arts at the Australian National University, has been nominated for two Musicoz awards, had a stint as audio director of Prime TV (Canberra), and is a certified ProTools Operator. Other influences include Brian Eno and Steve Roach, the art of Mark Rothko, and many film directors including David Lynch and Sofia Coppola. He is currently composing full time.


Ghost Lakes EP (2010)