Music Airline

Music Airline


realy particular music, it let u fly and dream.


Im djing by 2 years atm, i started with 2 stantn cdj but i always loved vinyl feeling so i choosed Traktor as main strument for my sets.....i have all the pro of Traktor's high tecnology(that i control with my mixer) but at the same time i can feel he music im playing with vinyls.
Well my experience is quite small, because i played some sets at some private partys with my friends, btw i realy think that i can do more, alot more, because i feel so good when i play some set with people listening to it and im sure that at the same time the feel crazy like me....

Set List

I use to play sets without preparing them, i choose what track will come next at the moment, probably because i think better while listning the music :P