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This band has not uploaded any videos



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Surrender the Booty!

1.Musical Blades
2.Spanish Ladies
3.Dead Men Tell No Tales
5.A Bottle In Front Of Me
6.Pirate Heaven
8.I Want To Be Rich
9.Hollywood Pirate
10.A Pirates Life For Me
11.The Mermaid Song
12.Salute the Skull & Crossbones
13.A Rovin
14.Booty Bunny
15.Tiddly Aye Oh
16.Holy Ground
17.Sail Home

Full Frontal Piracy

1.14 Years on a Pirate Ship
2.Whiskey in the Jar (Pirate Version)
3.Drink Drink Drink
4.Johnny Home
5.Full Frontal Piracy
6.Tiggo Bitty
7.Hempin Jig
8.Old Maui (Pirate Version)
9.Castrating Katy
10.Come Along
11.Two Shots
12.Sail Away
13.Captain Curse
14.Pirate Hell
15.Heave Haul Away
16.The Toasting Song

Piratically Incorrect

1.Blackbeard's Demise (CD Intro)
2.Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya
3.Old Triangle
4.Pirate's Plea
5.Dirty Lil Accent
7.So Dies the Captain
8.I Ran
9.Pirate's Lullaby
10.Drink till She's Pretty
11.Ocean Burial
12.Bring on the Limey Birds
14.Spancill Hill
15.Ship Load'O Bastards
16.What'll It Be

Live at Pubs and Pirate-Core

1.Mrs McGraw
2.Johnny Booger
3.100 Years Ago
4.Captain Kidd
5.Drunken Sailor
6.Davey Jones Locker (Instr)
7.Hollywood Pirate (live)
8.Sail Away (live)
9.Gettin Saved (live)
10.Whiskey in the Jar (live)
12.Haul Her Away
13.Rolling Home

High Sea's Drifter

1.Ten Thousand Miles Away
2.Run out the Guns
3.Sam Bellamy
4.High Sea's Drifter
5.Up in her Lighthouse
6.All Gone Away
8.The Demon of the Sea
9.Red is the Rose
10.Gettin Saved
11.Bully in the Alley
12.My Marie
14.Daylight's Breakin
15.Maggie May

Modern Day Pirate

1.Blow Ye Winds
2.Intro (Count Off)
3.Count Off
4.Blood Red Roses
5.Cryin Shame
6.No Time Like Today
7.Intro (Blackie the Micro Pirate)
8.Blackie the Micro Pirate
9.Lilly McBride
10.Modern Day Pirate
11.Galway Press-ganged
12.Will the Circle be Unbroken
13.Chinese for Dinner
14.Whiskey in Pawn
15.Ballad of Salty Pete
16.Intro (Briney Foam)
17.Briney Foam
18.Fitted For Me Chains
19.Spanish Ladies
20.Final Trawl



The smell of rum, the sea, and black powder. The crashing of the waves and sails snapping in the wind. The creaking of timbers over the raucous laughter of gentlemen of fortune. You're not at a Festival or Pub anymore, you're there with the Musical Blades, part of the crew of the Prickly Bitch.

Since the turn of the century, the Musical Blades have been transporting patrons into their hilarious world of witty dialog, and original maritime songs.

It began as a discussion between two piratical peers, over ales and grog, to find the perfect combination of music and comedy. And now, six distinct personalities, six aesthetic inputs, six pirates with WAY too much time on their hands have worked together to create an original experience in pirate entertainment!

A gimmick?... A lifestyle?... Musical Blades one guitar and six singers bring in your face gang vocals that you can't help but clap and sing along with, as well as heavy harmony laden sappy sea songs that has often left audience members in tears. Our original and traditional material includes upbeat shanties, hard hitting ballads, comedic stage songs and antics, and tear jerking closers.

What's that scurvy lot a say'in...

"I've been telling all kinds o' people about your music, everybody digs at least some of it. Your group does a great job of treating nonsensical songs with a fun, casual nature while giving the more profound songs the respect they deserve, too few musicians find that balance. I'm definitely going to check you guys out live someday, do you ever make it out to the Denver area? I know the Broncos won't be using Mile High stadium past December, maybe you could play there. LOL."
- email

"...I've recently stumbled across your music on iTunes. I was looking for a version of Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum that isn't on a kid's album. You guys blew me away! I love traditional folk songs, Irish songs, sea songs and a good story-song, and you guys fit the bill. I've listened to Johnny Home about fifty times in two days... I have a dozen versions of whiskey in the jar and yours kicks ass!"
- email Joe Blackburn

-Kansas City Renaissance Festival

-The Castle of Muskogee, Oklahoma (OKRF)

"My first year working at the Kansas City Renn Fest....was 1983. Ive seen tons of musical groups and acts come and go and I can say, with a certain amount of certainty that your guys (Musical Blades) are simply one of the most entertaining and fan approachable groups that has ever graced our stages. Its no wonder you have amassed the fan base you've got. Not to mention the accumulation of new original material, keepin it fresh. Not that it means much coming from me (Im a Nobody :) but you continue to Impress me with your passion to entertain..."
-Matt Cobern (KC Renaissance Festival - via facebook)

"I love the Musical Blades. I caught two of your shows at the KCRF yesterday and was awestruck."
-New Musical Blades Yahoo Fan Club Member

I've been a fan of the Blades in the first time I saw them in Wichita. I travel to KC to see them several times a year and have every album.
-Brent Jockers (2/2010)

One of, if not the best pirate bands in the Mid-West! The Blades have a following that packs the house everywhere they appear. Not your typical Pirate band by any means!
-Brownville Renaissance Festival and Pirate Cruise

"It is rare to find a group of guys that can make me smile. But you guys bring not only a smile but a laugh to my heart. Thank you for the wonderful songs and heart full of joy." / "I first fell in love with the blades in Fall of 07 at the Wichita RenFest and own 3 of the 4 albums all autographed. I'm on their Myspace and also listen to them on Bilge Munky" / "I think that the Musical Blades are amazing. I saw them over the weekend in STL, and just thought they were awesome. Love their music."
-Yahoo Groups comments

"It's a great CD (Live at Pubs and Pirate-Core), a contrast of styles that somehow just flows and all fits nicely together! I'd highly recommend it!
-Pyrate Trading Company via

"I got to actually see the Musical Blades here at the OKRF in Muskogee, OK for the first time ever..." "...We were lucky to have them even if it was only the first two weekends of our five weekend festival. We even got to preview one of the new songs, fabulous, you can't help but sing it out loud. They were so good we bought two CDs the first time we heard them..."
-Bosun Red -

"I’ve gotten to hear a good deal of their unreleased material, and I have to say the next Studio album will be pretty amazing. This is coming from me, who doesn’t normally go in for this style of music. The festival atmosphere combined with perfect five part harmony is pretty near impossible to beat."
-Mark Temple (Tales of the Aggronaut - WoW Blog)

"I saw you guys at the Ren Faire yesterday and just wanted to say that you play amazing music. hoping to co