musica moralia

musica moralia

 Budapest, Budapest, HUN


musica moralia started ten long years ago on a two stringed guitar. I didn't know how to tune the guitar so I tuned it as I wished. Then I got more strings, then a cello, and my grandmother's untuned piano. Still to this day that is where most of my songs start.

When I am asked what sort of music I make, the only way I can describe it is calling it silent noise.
I like noise.
Noise demands it's presence, to be recognized. However the noises I make are rarely loud, but yet significant. I try to write songs where the noise is as important as the melody or the lyrics.
Well silence is another matter...

It is not easy for me to write music. Some songs take years to finish, others just twenty minutes.
I like that it is not easy for me to write music.


musica moralia-tooth and teeth ep