Music Box Dynamo

Music Box Dynamo

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Music Box Dynamo is introducing a truly unique voice for the everyday man, no boundaries exist between their easy to digest radio rock and classic guitar power ballads. MB Dynamo sings of starting over, finding new life, falling down, and getting back up.


Building and bubbling over with tasty blues rock riffs, crazy bass lines, and pounding drums, MB Dynamo is the Alt/Rock/Pop band from Philadelphia. Their shows are filled with outtakes and energy, however it is their hybrid music that creates memorable moments. Channeling bands like Pearl Jam, Radiohead and the Foo Fighters, each song takes on a life of its own, yet is connected like it was meticulously crafted in a warm steel melting pot. All heated by a burning electric voice that has surprising soul and range. You are going to love it live.



The EP Collections 1 (3 Song demo featuring Golden State, Run, & Barrel Roll)