San Jose, California, USA

GRAIN plays a blend of Rock and Americana music featuring mandolin, slide guitar, and keyboards, focusing on superbly arranged songs and great vocal harmonies. This group of talented musicians believes in collaboration and free exchange of ideas from all genres and loves performing live!


Everyone knows the deal with band names - right? You sit around and brainstorm, ideas are quirky, murky, and often dorky. Lots of laughter, teasing, and weird literary twists that end up heading down, as in FAR down, the rabbit hole. But if you keep digging, sometimes a glint will catch your eye. We were lucky - that happened to us.

Could be different things to different people, but what locks and loads it for us is that a single word can tie six very different musicians together, describing what we do and why we do it so simply and completely.

Six musicians with very different influences, from rock to country, grunge to Americana, folk to progressive, and the occasional side order of pure head-banging. Pretty funny that when we sat down and did the obligatory comparison of the various bands that influenced each of us there were more than a few bands mentioned that the other guys had never even heard of! So what? It’s all just rough cut, raw material on the pile, the more the better, and once we accepted that truth, the magic began. We keep polishing, and bit by bit, more of the grain comes out, with every gig, every practice, every new song, every email, even with every mistake, err, accidental, killer off-the-hook riff that can never be repeated due to extreme complexity... Within that pile of rough cut are hidden knots, blemishes, curvy lines, surprising colors and crazy zig-zags galore. We don’t even know what we’ll find.

If you have been to a Grain show, you already know what I mean. If you haven't, well..., grab a friend and make it happen. There will always be great music, and a VERY solid chance that a band member will throw you a tambourine or a shaker or whatever, mid-jam, and for a song or three you'll be cutting and polishing with us.


GRAIN Self titled EP 2009

Set List

Typical set:
Blowin Smoke
John Cole
Angel Eyes
Another Day
Last Request
Riding Elevators
Smoke Stack
Alien Autopsy

Grain can do three sets 45 Min. - 1 hr each all originals