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Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Pop




"Stic-of-the-Week: Pre-SXSW Interview with Holiday"

Holiday's going to be at our Grape Stic on the Town party too! They're playing six shows while in Austin, three of which are on Thursday.
I chatted with Kent Arnold, the lead guitarist, over the phone.
""I cannot wait," he said. He's excited to play and to see Andrew W.K.

Holiday's journey has been long but worthwhile. Kent said sometimes it's hard to find time to get the whole band together because everyone is so busy, but as soon as they're together playing music, it feels right.
"The last three years have gone by really fast," he said.

"We're really close to being done with our second album" Kent said. They have 10 or 12 songs and are shooting for a late summer full-length album.
"I'm really proud of [the songs]," he said.
The band is also planning some small regional tours, so keep your eyes on Holiday to see if they're coming near you. - Stic of the Week from Chicago

"Album Review: Holiday- Things Can Be Different"

With smooth sounds of rock, pop and tropocalia, it’s hard to place Holiday’s unique sound in a specific genre. The release of their debut album, “Things Can Be Different” off of Austin’s own Township Records has created some great hype.
The opening song, “Graciela” is such a lovely track that really sticks. Other tracks such as “She Don’t” and “Come Into My Room” have a more upbeat rhythm that can keep you singing along and on your feet. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to watch these guys perform, catch ‘em live and you will be in for a treat. - ATX Music Mag

"An Interview With: Holiday"

Not after 5 minutes of walking to Wayne Dalchau’s home in north Austin, I was handed a video camera and asked “Can you operate this?” Never really having much experience with a video camera, I said “Of course, I’d love to.” Being interested in film and post production, I thought this would be a great opportunity to increase my skills. After a few takes and some proper guidance from Mr. Palomino, I got the hang of things. Everyone shared a drive for excellence; from the band, to the camera crew, to the cast dressed in animal masks. The energy that filled the room was comforting and you could tell everyone was enjoying their part in the video. A small budget video ( I think most of the money was spent on Loan Star to calm everyone’s nerves) made out to be a big success. As the video is targeted to debut on Holiday’s show on October 20th, at Loft 718 in downtown Austin, Tx time is limited. With a performance scheduled at Utopia Festival on the 14th, October is a busy month for Holiday. Sharing the drive to touch listeners souls with the soothing beach melody’s and artistic expression, there is nothing Holiday can’t handle.

Music Production: Township Records
Film Produced By: Township Productions
Filmed By: Palomino
Music By: Holiday

Staring: Q: What is the song about?
A: We Don’t Sleep was written about a previous camping experience that guitar player Kent had shared with his closest friends.The song is about facing your fears, absorbing your surroundings, and staying in tune with your loved ones while digesting heavy amounts of mushrooms.
“We got real, real. Real Fast.”
- Kent – Holiday

Q: Did you write the song that night, or sometime afterwards?
A: Kent:I wrote it a couple days later, and it came out easy, because I was taken back by the whole experience. I had Maggie come in and help finish the song, which allowed for one of our more beautiful and open songs.

Q: What is the concept for the video and how did you decide on it? Is it based on the song’s themes?
A: The video is inspired by the song, but is more geared towards exposing recycled art and media that has been used throughout the years. Working with many different bands, Wayne had to make a decision on who he would make the music video for. After experiencing many broken promises due to laziness, he decided Holiday deserved their time to shine. Wayne who plays guitar for Holiday had most of the pre production done before anyone in the band knew they would be shooting a music video.

Q: What went into the preparation for the video? What was the most stressful part about this process?
A: Finding enough animal masks for the cast and band last minute. Finding all the right hardware for cameras and having everyone show up on time with only a 5 day notice.
“You’d be surprised how many kids are doing scary, stupid, Disney shit. Versus just, “Hey, I’m going to dress up as a Tiger.” It just doesn’t happen.”
-Wayne – Holiday
Q: When and where will we be able to find the video?
A: You can find it on Holiday, Township Records, and Township Productions website.

Q: Do you have any advice for bands that are considering making their first music video?
A: Just go out and make it. If you make mistakes, do something different. You have to got nuts and have fun with it. Establish your resources and use them to their full potential. You don’t have to have a lot of money to make a great music video, you just need to know what tools you need to create it. - Rylan Keturi


Things Can Be Different - released July 7, 2011



Holiday was recently picked up by Township Records and has just released their debut album, 'Things Can Be Different.'

The songs are simple and feel good.
The shows are refreshing and fun.

Holiday. Check it.

"young love rock, this band is simple bliss"
-Township Records

"This is perfect pop-rock for summer listening - easygoing, blissful and uncontrived."
- Laurie Gallardo
Austin Music Minute
KUT Austin