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Orlando, FL | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Orlando, FL | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Alternative Hard Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Music review and Interview with Janani"

RUN (Pick up the gun)

From classic rock to punk rock, Rock Bands come in all shapes and sizes and Florida is the home of several notable country musicians and musical acts - In addition to the nationally recognized talent this area has produced we've got an amazing alternative rock band called JANANI.

"Run" (Pick Up The Gun) struck me as the most immediate and commercially viable song out of the tracks on their ReverbNation account (check it out BTW!) The lyrics are girl tough and seriously rock! (No pun intended) After a sparse verse it builds gradually to a killer chorus that latches itself in your memory after the first listen!

"Too late for you - You had your fun, but now we're through..."

"Got my high heels on and nothing to Prove..."

Overall, this is a highly enjoyable track from a band still early in their career, but already accumulating some fantastic songs. The track "RUN" sounds great, or even better, performed live than on the studio album. It's a well-crafted song that acts as a wonderful homage to the classic rock sound but also just a good piece of songwriting in itself. This new song suggests that the rest of their music will be something worth searching for.

Check out their hit single "Run" being played on KISS 104.7 FM out of AL/GA Region and don't miss our exclusive interview below:

Listen to "run" being played on Kiss 104.7 FM

Exposed Vocals: How did you hear about Exposed Vocals? What made you decide to sign up?

Janani Vaidyanathan: We actually heard about it through Twitter. Randy Morano, founder of Exposed Vocals, sent us a message and was like, “We want to do an interview with you. Want in?” Of course we had to say yes!

Exposed Vocals: So tell us your story. Where did you grow up? What made you decide to become an artist?

Janani Vaidyanathan: I was born in Florida, but I moved all over the country for the first 10 years of my life. However, Orlando, Florida has been my home for the last decade. As a child, I would always gravitate towards the arts. I started writing poetry in my preteens and became really interested in pursuing music. Music has always been a real passion of mine because I love how it is open to interpretation. Songwriting just seemed like the next step for me. I decided to become songwriter as a way to not only express myself, but to inspire others as well.

Nathan Hockett: I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. My parents are big classic rock fans and growing up we used to spend a lot of time watching live concert DVDs of their favorite bands like Zeppelin, Deep Purple, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Guns N' Roses, and others. I fell in love with the music and the raw attitude those guys had. Playing and writing music is raw emotion, and there's nothing like the feeling it brings out. Once I started playing, I never wanted to stop. I always want to play more music.

Erick Campos: I was born in California but did most of my growing up here in Florida. I joined school band in 6th grade and continued onto marching band in high school. Upon learning the bass guitar and doing shows, I decided that I was going to make music my career.

Austin Crabbendam: I was born in Orlando and moved to Maryland during my earlier childhood. I came back to Florida and in my adolescent years, I grew a liking for music. Rock music in particular. My dad had a background in music and helped me along the way.

Exposed Vocals: How did you come up with that name? What was your inspiration behind it?

Janani Vaidyanathan: I’d like to say something ironic here, but there was no real magic formula to the name. We couldn’t really decide on what to call ourselves, and I was already going by JANANI as a solo artist. Basically, we just got lazy and decided to keep the name. Which was probably a good idea because the name is always a great conversation piece.

Erick Campos: It started with Janani’s original music and she needed a band to perform it. Over time, we've come to think of ourselves as more of a unit.

Exposed Vocals: What do you think about online music sharing? Do you ever give your music away for free? Why?

Janani Vaidyanathan: I think online music sharing is a great way to expose your music to people who may not have found it otherwise. There have definitely been instances where we’ve given away our music for free. At the end of the day, money is nice but you have to be heard first. Maybe if they like this one track we put out, they’ll come back and buy the rest. I think getting people to listen is half the battle.

Erick Campos: I think that the advent of technology and mass communication is something that the music industry needs to acknowledge. Downloading music from the Internet is not going away. Most music artists do not make their money from these mechanical sales anyways. It is all about merchandise and profits from touring. A common thing to do is to allow people to have your music for free to a certain extent in order to increase exposure. We see this with Radiohead releasing their In Rainbows album as a pay-what-you-want download in 2007.

Austin Crabbendam: I think it can be a great way for a band to get themselves out there if done correctly. If I do give my music out for free it would be to promote myself or the band, to give back to the followers, or to allow for feedback.

Exposed Vocals: Since everyone was a start-up once, can you give any smaller or local bands or artists looking to get gigs and airplay some tips?

Janani Vaidyanathan: I think we all know it’s a tough road but just keep pushing through. Getting gigs is all about networking and making connections. It make seem like a lot of work, but do your research. Network, go to shows and even befriend with other bands. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been invited to play with other bands that we know. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door and let venues know that you’re legit and professional. The internet is a great place to promote yourself too. If you can’t get airplay on regular stations, there are tons of online stations who love and embrace indie music. Interact with your fan base. Tell them to request your songs. Use Facebook and Tweet about your music. Stations want to know that people are listening to your stuff.

Erick Campos: A very important thing is to get connections. Just start meeting as many people in the industry as you can. Friend everyone on Facebook and get their numbers. Talk to and keep up with all your peers in the scene. No one likes to go out cold-scouting for bands and musicians. We're all going to be looking at the list of people that we know. When I want a musician, I have go-to people. I contact the people with the highest skill and the best attitude first.

Austin Crabbendam: Keeping motivation and enthusiasm up is a tremendously overlooked quality. Having that, along with ample practice time, getting yourself out there is a matter of trial and error. Play out as much as possible and don't give up.

Exposed Vocals: Do you ever make mistakes during performances? How do you handle that?

Janani Vaidyanathan: Making mistakes is inevitable. I used to be afraid of making mistakes on stage, but now I realize that it’s what live music is all about. You perform, you learn, you grow. If I make a mistake, it can only help me do better next time!

Nathan Hockett: Of course I make mistakes. I practice on my own a lot and when I'm writing songs I always keep in mind that whatever I'm writing, I'm going to have to play it on stage, blinded by lights, buzzing from adrenaline while running and jumping around all over the place destroying my knees. When I'm performing I let myself get sucked in to the whole experience, the lights, the music, the euphoria. I practice enough beforehand that I know exactly what I'm playing and I can just lose myself in it and rely on my instincts. When I'm in that zone, I'm not even conscious. Missing a note or tripping over my cable or whatever barely crosses my mind.

Erick Campos: Everyone makes mistakes and it just depends on your perspective for how to handle it. I handle it greatly because I know most people aren't going to be analyzing each note, but I personally try my best to be professional and minimize careless mistakes.
Austin Crabbendam: Of course, I just continue to focus as much as I can and correct the issue. Music doesn't stop as long as the beat goes on.

Exposed Vocals: Do you tour? Anything interesting happen on tour that you think our readers would enjoy hearing about?

Janani Vaidyanathan: We’ve done a bit of touring around Florida over the years, but nothing big yet. I remember one time we played at a venue in Tampa, and we were doing some very low-key songs. The people were so drunk that they started moshing. I didn’t think it was possible to mosh to that kind of stuff but apparently there are no rules to moshing.

Exposed Vocals: Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration? What is your usual songwriting process?

Janani Vaidyanathan: For me, song inspiration can literally come from anything. Sometimes I’ll just have a phrase stuck in my head until I finally decide to sit down and expand on it. Other times, I’ll be inspired by things that are going on in my life at the time. Lyrically, I am influenced a lot by artists like Florence and the Machine, Laura Marling and Marina & The Diamonds. Anything that is lyrically-poetic. Usually I’ll have a melody or lyric idea already written out and I’ll show it to one of the guys. That’s how a lot of our songs are born.

Nathan Hockett: Anything can spark a new song. It all starts with one idea, whether it be a vocal line or a guitar part. Once I have something I know is worthy of being in a song I build around it. My process changes depending on what comes to me first, the guitar or vocals. With Janani, she and I wrote everything acoustically. Some of the songs started with a vocal idea. Some had all the guitar written first before we started working on vocals. Mostly we sit around banging our head against a wall until of a sudden an idea just "clicks" and then once the song has a direction, it's easy to just follow that idea until the end.

Erick Campos: Songwriting inspiration just comes from spontaneity and improvisation. It always starts with a riff, a melody, or a harmonic progression. Then I just start building around that and adding more. I ask myself, "what does this song need?" and go from there. I play the song over and over while I improvise different harmonic ideas over it to get ideas. Or I'll jam out on the progression until something significant comes along.

Exposed Vocals: Do you have a band website? What online platforms do you use to share your music?

Janani Vaidyanathan: We do have a website, but we mainly use Facebook as a our platform of choice. It’s a great way to connect with our fans on a personal level. Some other great platforms we use are Twitter and ReverbNation. I’d say those are the main three that we use, but our actual website is www.musicbyjanani.com.

Exposed Vocals: What are some really embarrassing songs that we might find on your mp3 player?

Janani Vaidyanathan: You know, I kind of don’t believe in “embarrassing” songs. I think all genres have unique aspects that make them good. I’ll be the first to admit I have the Backstreet Boy’s Millennium album and Macklemore’s Thrift Shop on my iPod. Say what you want. They are still catchy as hell.
Nathan Hockett: There is an unholy amount of jazz fusion on my iPod. I'm kind of a music nerd.

Exposed Vocals: If you were given half a million dollars and a year off, what would you do? How would you spend it?

Janani Vaidyanathan: I’d probably spend the year writing more songs, recording a ton of albums, going on tour… music’s in my blood. I should probably spent my money on more practical things but I can dream, right?
Nathan Hockett: Irresponsibly. I'd buy a lot of guitars and a lot of studio time.

Erick Campos: I'd invest, save and continue going to school; going the same path I am now. I’d just have better equipment and no worry about being able to afford any opportunity that comes my way.

Austin Crabbendam: I would probably start by making some prudent investments, help out family members with debts, etc. Once the wise and serious matters are tended to, I would indulge in some festivities and hobbies.

Exposed Vocals: Any planned studio upgrades? What are you working with now?

Janani Vaidyanathan: Not in the near future. One day it’d be nice to have our own recording equipment so we can have more musical freedom, but right now we work with other studios to record.

Exposed Vocals: How do you find ways to promote your music? What works best for you?

Janani Vaidyanathan: Lots and lots of networking on social media! Nowadays, you kind of have to utilize the internet. Everybody uses it. The catch is that you still have to figure how to make it personal for each person who follows you. Send personal messages to your fans asking them to listen your music. Tell your friends to share your new material. The word will get around with a little hard work. Even handing out CDs to people can get them interested in hearing more of your music!

Exposed Vocals: If you could perform anywhere and with any artists (Dead or Alive) where and who would it be with? Why?

Nathan Hockett: The 02 Arena in London with Led Zeppelin. That's the heart and the beat of rock ’n roll.
Erick Campos: I'd perform with Jaco Pastorius and Miles Davis. I respect Jaco's natural talent for creating original art. I appreciate Miles Davis's effort to create art.

Austin Crabbendam: That's a really tough one. If I had to choose, I think I'd play with Led Zeppelin. Probably in an intimate, low-key kind of venue. There's something special about having a small audience experiencing music that is self-created.

Exposed Vocals: So, what’s next? Any new upcoming projects that you want to talk about?

Janani Vaidyanathan: In June we’ll be releasing a music video for Run (Pick Up The Gun). We’ve spent half the year writing new material so there might be at least one more single coming soon! We are all really excited to share some new stuff with you guys.

Exposed Vocals: If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?

Janani Vaidyanathan: I think if I weren’t making music, I would be studying psychology or sociology right now. I am really interested in how people think and interact together, which you may be able to see reflected through our lyrics.

Nathan Hockett: Probably getting a lot more full nights of sleep!

Erick Campos: I'd probably be majoring in mechanical engineering. I did great academically in high school and found myself gravitating towards the high-level math and physics classes.

Austin Crabbendam: Not really sure. Probably still listening to music, but pursuing other hobbies or passions as well.

Exposed Vocals: Do you remember buying your first album? Who was it? What was going through your head?

Nathan Hockett: I honestly can't remember. I remember jamming out to Nazareth on the way to kindergarten regularly.

Erick Campos: My first album was City of Evil by Avenged Sevenfold. I was excited! It was like holding a piece of art in my hands. Buying and holding CDs in your hands is something you cannot get from online purchasing. I often buy CDs. The power to own a piece of the art that inspires you is powerful in itself.

Austin Crabbendam: Unfortunately in this age of media, I think I bought my first piece of music off of iTunes. I do remember buying a physical copy of Metallica's black album. At the time I really liked Metallica and thought it was pretty cool to own a (admittedly dated even at the time) part of their work. Having the physical case and cover art of an album is something digital media can't quite replicate.

Exposed Vocals: How do you juggle the rest of your responsibilities while trying to stay ahead in your music life?

Janani Vaidyanathan: Personally, music is my main responsibility. I am able to put a lot of time towards the band and music. I am very grateful to have that opportunity.

Nathan Hockett: I work hard when I have to and get as much as I can get done as possible. When I get a day off, I make sure to let my mind take a break from everything so I can look at everything with a fresh eye the next day.

Erick Campos: I am lucky enough to be going to college for music. Most of my responsibilities benefit from anything I do in the contemporary scene anyway.

Austin Crabbendam: It's a an ever-evolving game of balance, really. As long as responsibilities get done, music can return to the spotlight I want it to have. This is easier said than done of course, but as long as I try I usually can find a way.

Exposed Vocals: What should fans look forward to in 2015?

Janani Vaidyanathan: New music! We just released our latest song, Run (Pick Up The Gun), which is now on iTunes. Our music video is coming out next month. No promises, but we we might also be releasing another track soon! Things are going great. - EXPOSED VOCALS

"A Hardworking, Hard Rocking Alt-rock Woman On A Roll."

There must be something in the water in Orlando Florida. This Disneyesque town in central Florida has produced the Backstreet Boys, NSync, Matchbox Twenty, C-Note, Katherine Rodriguez, and last week on Music FridayLive! talked with Alex Baugh, the founder of the fast-rising Crazy Carls. And then I discovered JANANI, another Orlando- based band with fabulous musical chops and a kick-ass frontwoman/cofounder, Janani Vaidyanathan .

Relatively new on the scene, JANANI didn’t release a full EP until last year, Three Step System EP, produced and partially co-written by Brett Hestla, formerly of Creed. But then they took off.

The EP’s single, “Where Was I?” took flight and the band was selected to compete in the Top 8 for the Hard Rock Rising Orlando competition. It has just been tapped to perform at the Cutting Edge Music Conference this August. Their new single “Hey! Mister” is getting spins on radio stations from Canada to Orlando and the song’s music video was aired by Comcast and the Indie Music Channel and featured in DIRECTTV’s documentary, Gone Until December. “Run (Pick Up The Gun)” will be the theme song of an upcoming television series Hit Women starring Laura Gomez of Orange Is The New Black.

Now, that is the kind of momentum every rising band dreams of.

I was able to talk with Janani, only days after she underwent emergency surgery, which did not slow her down — she was only stage only five days later.

Patrick. You are a hard-workin’ woman. You had a gig last night, you have a show this weekend, you are doing radio interviews and you had surgery last weekend. You are tough…no wonder your music hits so hard, like “Run(Pick up the gun)”. Where did that song come from and the idea for a western video?

Janani: Yes it has been quite the week. On “Run”, I was approached by the show to write a song for the TV show Hit Woman. I as talking to my guitarist and he said it sounded like a western and he ran with it. The show is about power and control and I put those ideas into a song and the western theme for the video just worked.

Patrick. It worked very well, but there are some lines in there that struck me.

Oh, it’s killing me /Every man is so deceiving
By now you oughta know that /I won that battle and I’m gonna win the war, man

Are we all so deceiving? And what was the battle and what is the war?

Janani: It is a metaphor. Even though I said all men are deceiving, I was talking about people, not just men – everyone can be deceiving. I was playing off the idea of power and control. I was also making fun of the idea of wanting power and control. Some people think they are always right and I don’t believe that is necessarily a good thing. Those lyrics talk about power and control but there is irony there too,

Patrick. That song will be the theme song for a new show Hit Woman. How were you approached, how did they find you?

Janani: Well, my mom is a screenwriter and she wrote the script for the show. So it is a family thing, but I would not have done it if I didn’t think the show was really cool, which it is. I had some ideas for this theme and I used them for the show.

Patrick. In your other songwriting, do you usually write the music – do you divide duties between lyrics and music; how does it work?

Janani. It is an ongoing process. Some songs I will come up with melody and lyrics and my guitar player will come up with guitar parts and the other band members will write music. In other cases I have a small idea, like a line or a chorus and I will present that to my guitarist or they will present an idea to me and we will work on it. Sometime it doesn’t work, but usually it does. And we create really awesome music.

Patrick. Your song, “Hey Mister” is very interesting musically, especially the repetitive downbeat and percussion with what sounds like a xylophone or a cowbell. It creates a mysterious kind of environment. And the lyrics seem to take us through the stages of an ultimately failed romance. Tell us about this song.

Janani. My producer, Jeremy Birdsall, had bought a sitar and since I am part Indian, we decided to experiment with it. That is what you call the downbeat. It is way different than our other songs. There is also a tabla in there. We really like to bring in different instruments. We like to experiment with different genre and different instruments.

Patrick. What about the lyrics?

Janani. I wanted to write the song about people not accepting the things they are about. It starts with how much I care about something but then shifts to since you don’t care, I will do my own thing.

Patrick. Do you have a blues background. You seem to be able to do blues quite well.

Janani. Not purposely. I have a lower singing range and it just comes naturally. It is not trained but I just do it.

Patrick. Do you play the sitar or the tabla or other instruments?

Janani. I don’t play the sitar or the tabla – that would take a lot of time to learn! I play guitar – I dabble in guitar, but I am not a professional guitar player good enough to play onstage. I am now playing piano. I write on piano with my guitarist and my bassist and then after that we transfer to guitar and finish on the guitar.

Patrick. You have been tapped to perform at the Cutting Edge Music Conference this year in New Orleans. That is a big deal. Can you tell us about the conference and your role there?

Janani. We are playing at the Festival part of the convention. We have not been given details yet, but we will be in downtown New Orleans on stage, so check us out if you will be there.

Patrick. Several of your songs have lines that are not complementary to men. What gives?

Janani. I am not anti-men…not at all!. But I do write from a female perspective and even though I am talking about men, it is bigger than male vs female. For anybody, it is not just about the males in society, it can be about anybody…not everyone knows how to treat people how they should be treated. I don’t think men are bad.

Patrick. Tell about your tour and music …where can people see you and buy your music?

Janani. We are on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon.com and on our mech store…including real CDS and t-shirts and all that. Come to my shows with a t-shirt and a gold metallic sharpie and I will autograph it. Our next show the West End trading Company on July 11.

Patrick. Janani, I love your music. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today.

Janani. Your welcome, It was fun. - Shutter 16

"Featured Artist Live Interview: JANANI"

Live interview with Members of the Band on www.IpmNation.com REMOTE TRANSMISSION SHOW with Matt Connarton.

Must Select The Archive File from May 11, 2011 show to hear the interview. - IpmNation.com

"Featured Artist Interview: JANANI"

"Janani has been involved with music since she was a little girl, and has lived all over the United States ."

Janani - Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Songwriter
Erick Campos - Bassist
Tia LaBianco - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Glenn Kastrinos - Drums
Will Regelmann - Lead Guitarist

The LIST: How'd you get into Music?
Janani Band: Tia started singing at three in a pageant with a 1st place win, and was born in California . Erick began with the clarinet in school, and from there learned theory and is just a natural at everything he tries. He comes from California too. Glenn was born making music in the Orlando area. Will started off in a Battle of the Bands, and hasn’t stopped playing the guitar since.

The LIST: Who are some of your influences?
Janani Band: Janani draws her inspiration from the song, and not always the band though she loves classic rock and alternative artists like Sia. She also writes about her experiences with people. Tia has a passion for Celtic Woman, and Enya. Erick is influenced by all music, and uses it in his performances. Glenn is at home with the great FUNK artists, and finds inspiration in the likes of Ghandi and Jon Stewart. Will is a Pink Floyd Man!

The LIST: What have you been up to recently?
Janani Band: The band just came together and hasn’t stopped. This year has been jammed packed with performances, events, several magazine articles, the filming of the first official music video for Janani’s title track on the upcoming album Hey! Mister!, not to mention recording and rehearsing! Janani is also part of the Clear Channel NEW Discover/Uncover artist program where radio stations across the country have access to their music through iHeartRadio and individual station websites. It’s not over yet – there still tons of performances, and we are looking into touring the east coast in the summer.

The LIST: What do you bring to the industry?
Janani Band: Janani brings to the industry a new sound and style. Each of the members of the band has very distinctive influences musically as well as training. Janani brings a multicultural element mixed with a love for alternative artists that inspire powerful songwriting and lyrics. They all come together to create a new sound with original music and new takes on classics. For instance the title track of the upcoming album Hey! Mister! is a fushion of eastern instruments with western sound, lending itself to an original Indie Rock Sound. You will be surprised by ability of this young group. Just keep watching because they are reaching!

The LIST: What's next for JANANI?
Janani Band: Janani is looking at a busy performance schedule through the summer, live interviews, and airplay from the UK to US as well filming their second music video. Janani has been invited by Rotten Records to play at their Orlando Music festival the end of July

SEE MORE ON THE WEBSITE... - TheListMagazine.biz

"Introducing The Next Generation of the Classic Rock Band"

In 2011, the radical group Janani was formed by the now 16-year-old Janani who loves poetry, photography and drawing. Janani started writing music about four years ago, and says that her music is inspired by life and the things that go on around her. “I want my music to be heard, she says…music has always been something to help me a lot through a bad situation and I want to help others.”

The qualifying factors to be a part of Janani were to have a better understanding and love for music than the average person. - by Mia Barrett

"The Unique Side of Music: JANANI"

Besides being in the band JANANI (named after their lead singer), Janani was recently in an indie film called Shadow Speak. She writes songs on her own and well as recording with Jeremy Birdsall of Kavode Records. With the band’s new album, Hey! Mister!, scheduled to come out towards the end of May, the band is staying busy with plans to record two music videos and possibly touring sometime this year. The band members, aside from Janani, are: Erick Campos (Bassist), Tia LaBianco (Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist), Glenn Kastrinos (Drummer Extraordinaire), and Will Regelmann (Lead Guitarist). While you’re listening to their unusual, original sound at www.musicbyjanani.com and www.reverbnation.com/janani, join me as we pick Janani’s brain. - OrlandoBands.com

"Janani releasing new single ‘Run (Pick Up The Gun)’"

On May 22, the alternative rock band Janani is releasing their next single “Run (Pick Up the Gun).” The song will be available online at iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and more.

“Run (Pick Up the Gun)” really draws a listener in. The music has a heavy edgy sound which is highlighted by a very tough sounding Janani Vaidyanathan’s lead vocal. It’s the kind of song that sticks around long after it stops playing with contentious lyrics such as “don’t blink you’re gonna lose/got my high heels on and nothing to prove” echoing through a listener’s mind as they are compelled to play the song again and again.

With lyrics like that it’s only natural to want to find out if the singer/songwriter is as tough as the character in her song. “I would have to say that the song does project some of my inner strength,” Vaidyanathan told the Examiner. “Not everything I sing about is completely true to my personal life, but there are some bits of myself in those lyrics. Sometimes when we become vulnerable to our biggest fears, we have two choices: run or fight. I’d like to think I would fight for what I believe in.”

“I had been stuck on this song idea for awhile,” said Vaidyanathan. “I had just met Nathan [Hockett - guitarist] and on a whim I decided to show my lyrical ideas to him. He said it reminded him of an old western movie so we just took that idea and ran with it. Immediately you can pick up on the western feel with the beginning riff. The irony is that I am definitely a peace-loving person. Writing a song that’s all about fighting was quite the ironic process. I don’t think anyone I know would expect me to write such aggressive lyrics, but I suppose that’s what writing is all about: dealing with concepts that you normally wouldn’t.”

For “Run (Pick Up the Gun)” the Orlando based band went again to Brett Hestla to record and produce the song. “We trust Brett,” said Vaidyanathan. “Previously we worked with him on our EP, Three Step System, and we wanted someone who knew the kind of sound we were looking for. It was a natural choice to pick Brett for this particular song.”

The music video for the song will be released in June. Nathan Hockett (guitar), Erick Campos (bass) and Janani Vaidyanathan (lead vocals) all appear in the video filmed on the set of the television series Dry Creek, set in 1880’s Florida. “The music video has an old west style to it, with some modern aspects,” said Janani. “It sort of uses your stereotypical theme: good guy versus bad guy, but adds a bit whimsy and humor. It’s not to be taken too seriously, which is exactly what we were going for. We hope people will be able to see the irony of the song come to life through the music video.”

Janani has some summer dates in the works. Music fans can see them live at:

Jun 18 Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tampa, FL

Jul 11 West End Trading Co., Sanford, FL

Aug 27 Cutting Edge Music Conference, New Orleans, LA

Stay tuned for more dates to be released by the Orlando based band. - Kat Coffin Examiner.com


Still working on that hot first release.



JANANI is an Alternative Rock band from Orlando, Florida. The band was formed by Jay Vaidyanathan and Erick Campos in late 2010, but now consists of four members including its two original members, as well as Nathan Hockett and Anthony Aliseo. JANANI blends elements of grunge, indie and hard rock to create an alternative sound that has been described as having, “scorching guitar riffs, thunderous drums and rock solid bass, but highlighted by the powerful soulful vocals...” by Bob Cretin of RarasFarm.com

In mid-2015, they released their hit single, Run, which put them on the radar for college and internet radio play both nationally and globally. Shortly after it was released, the single won the Akademia Award for Best Alternative Rock song. ExposedVocals.com wrote, “[Run (Pick Up The Gun)'s] killer chorus latches itself in your memory after the first listen. It's a well-crafted song that acts as a wonderful homage to the classic rock sound but also just a good piece of songwriting in itself.” That same year, JANANI was one of five bands selected to be a Hard Rock Energy Ambassador and competed in the Top 8 for the Hard Rock Rising Orlando regionals.

Over the years, JANANI has performed at venues such as Hard Rock Orlando, Hard Rock Tampa, and House of Blues New Orleans. Their music has been heard on radio stations such as CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa, Canada, KISS 104.7 FM in Pheonix, Arizona, and Orlando’s own XL 106.7 FM and WPRK 94.5 FM. It has also been featured in DIRECTTV's documentary, Gone Until December. More recently, JANANI released their newest single, First To Fall. The single spawned great reception from stations like TD1 Radio in Scotland and KALX 90.7FM in California. . JANANI is set to release another single, Poison Me, on September 22nd, 2017 and will be debuting their first album in Fall 2017. To learn more visit: http://musicbyjanani.com.

Band Members