Houston, Texas, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

NYA (artist)-hip-hop/soul sound with alternative overtures created by an acoustic/electric blend, is embraced as NYA's signature genre. NYA inspires, liberates and penetrates the heart, mind and soul of listeners through her music.


NYA, a multifaceted artist who blends her talent for songwriting, producing, sound engineering, and of course, performance; proves that shy little girls with big dreams can win! In fact, this once meek poetry-journal toting child has evolved into a confident woman with an unswerving compassion for themes such as: Liberation, Resilience, Perseverance and Escape. The days of her feverishly creating works of poetry and song while crouching in the back of a Houston ISD school bus are gone.

Today, her principled lyrics and velvety delivery owns the stage! NYA recently grasped the extent of her growth when she performed and placed in the top 3 bands among 15 acts at Live Nation's House of Blues Houston-wide competition in January 2009. That night, her hip-hop/soul sound with alternative overtures created by an acoustic/electric blend, was embraced as NYA’s signature genre. Not surprisingly, the musical blend has motivated NYA to pursue becoming a guitar player herself, much like acoustic soul-goddess India Arie. In early 2008, she partnered with atmOsphere, a band known for their power to create a blissful ambiance with sultry and smooth inflections. Together, they recreate the same message-driven effect as some of NYA's key influences. Among these are the likes of ColdPlay, Jill Scott, Floetry, Alanis Morrissette, and Jay-Z. Best described as a conscience lyricist, NYA relentlessly addresses real-life and global issues: desire for love, poverty, hunger, and disease. It has not escaped this artist that her music has a dual purpose. It inspires her audiences, while it simultaneously encourages her. 43 Miles to Empty, her debut album, captures NYA's underlying fear that without a conscious effort to arouse hope, the world could be pushed to a point of despair. Music Sets Me Free, the lead track on her debut album, underscores how vital music is.

Set List

Radio Mess
43 miles to empty
Jus Breathe
Music sets me Free
Who's to Blame
First Love