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Tucson, Arizona, United States

Tucson, Arizona, United States
Band World Singer/Songwriter


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“Music is the only thing in the world that makes me feel complete. I have to share that; I feel it’s what I was sent here to do.”

Defining creative musicians by genre is often a difficult task, but in the case of Rahe, it’s virtually impossible. And describing her as a singer/songwriter simply doesn’t do justice to an artist whose songs weave beautifully melodic lines with complex, compelling chord changes, soulfully powerful lyrics and a diaspora of world rhythms into a musical vision that is entirely her own. With a life story as colorful and diverse as her music, Rahe has been on a direct path toward her stunningly mature musical vision for nearly all of her 22 years.

Rahe’s highly eclectic and diverse approach evolved quite naturally as she was already a world traveler by the time she reached her early teens. Growing up in a military family, she spent most of her childhood in Japan and Spain (the land of her heritage) before settling in Durango, Colorado at 13 years old. A prodigy – she was reading novels at the age of three – and lovingly home-schooled, Rahe was always powerfully drawn to the raw emotions and passionate abandon of earthy, visceral musical expression.
Her first profound musical experiences occurred when she was five years old, slipping away from her piano studies of Mozart to sneak out of the house for the fiery Flamenco circles of the gypsies in Andalucía. Being invited into the inner circles to participate in the palmas (handclapping percussion) changed her life forever. A most singular artist, Rahe can’t cite particular influences, but her inspirations show the depth and profundity of her artistry – Tom Jobim, Billie Holiday, Sara Tavares, Otis Redding, Joan Manuel Serrat, Miles Davis, Buika, Jorge Drexler, John Coltrane….and the list goes on.

Self-taught on the guitar (from the blues of Lightnin’ Hopkins to the bossa nova of João Gilberto) and always singing and playing with her musical family, Rahe began to focus on her own music in earnest in her early teens, and since then has performed internationally, including Tokyo, Madrid, New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, and Telluride. She was a standout participant in the highly regarded Durango Songwriter’s Expo from the age of 14 and began to travel in songwriting circles by demand, performing and co-writing with various writers. At 20, she received the Single of the Year Award at the 2009 Los Angeles Music Awards for her song Weakness.

This recognition, along with her highly compelling personality and overall star appeal opened many opportunities for collaborations with other songwriters and various offers to move to Los Angeles while she pursued her B.A. in Language Translation – Rahe speaks fluent Portuguese and Castilian Spanish – at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Rahe decided to remain in Tucson when she drew the serious attention of a number of fine musicians and established professionals who recognized her extraordinary talents and committed themselves to her most singular artistic path - best described by Rahe’s own words:

"I want to make music for the soul; to give my listeners a refuge where they can laugh, cry, seek comfort; where they can be themselves, but not feel alone. I also want to challenge them, to ignite the flame that spurs creativity and awakens the spirit to connect on a deeper level within their souls."

In full throttle mode toward that purpose, Rahe is currently working on her first album, a totally acoustic, multi-lingual foray into the entire spectrum of her musical vision. Created in the classic style of organic development through collective participation and live recording of the ensemble, Rahe’s enchanting songs are framed by stunning arrangements featuring highly unique instrumentation, dynamic rhythms, brilliant musicianship and constant surprises. This project is also the subject of a documentary film that will coincide with the release of the album, scheduled for early 2011.
Unquestionably, this music will offer the world of music - so hungry for something original and inspirational - a brilliant new artist, unfettered by convention and unbounded in the potential to achieve her defining goal:

"I want to inspire and touch the hearts of people from all walks of life; to cross cultural barriers and bridge generational gaps by making music that is not only innovative and uniquely my own, but also passionate, universal and timeless."