Music by Zev

Music by Zev

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Family Music that truly connects !... Zev is on a mission to connect kids and Families through and to Music! energetic, eclectic, hip music for kids and Families.


Zev's original music for children draws from many musical cultures and traditions to create songs about everyday childhood: family, fantasy, silliness and whimsy.
background as an early childhood music specialist
After studying Ethnomusicology in college, Zev spent time traveling and learning more about World Music, as well as deepening his understanding of American folk traditions and instruments.
The result is a fun and eclectic style of music that incorporates a variety of musical instruments such as the banjo, guitar, piano, berimbau, and didgereedoo.

Zev’s songs have multiple ways for kids of all ages to connect, enjoy and learn. Little ones can make animal sounds, or act out a story of a Dog Who Went Bananas. Bigger kids will dance and shout to Ska music , while learning about this Jamaican c style.

Zev Haber grew up in Poughkeepsie, NY and lives in Westchester. He has been performing and teaching music since 1997, when he graduated from SUNY Purchase. He has recently released his third album, Chicken Scratch. His previous albums are This Dog is Bananas and The Bluegrass Monkey Mixdown.


2003 - This Dog is Bananas
2005- Bluegrass Monkey Mixdown
2008 -Chicken Scratch
Zev's song "El Quacko" was the numbr one song and in strong rotation on XM kids satellitle Radio show Kids Place Live .
Zev's music has also been featured on "The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl" and "Gooney Bird Kids Radio" "Spare The Rock Spoil The Child" and reviewed by "kids Music that Rocks"

Album "Chicken Scratch" won the Children's music web award for "best album for pre-schoolers".
Song" Chicken Scratch" won best song for preschoolers" ---2008

Set List

Most of my gigs are active, interactive music shows with kids/ families singing, dancing and Laughing.
I usually play my original music, but i have a pretty extensive repertoire of Childrens music