Music For Dead Birds

Music For Dead Birds


Acoustic Rock Duo from the West of Ireland whose live sound is based heavily on a quiet/loud dynamic using distorted acoustic guitars, drums and off-kilter lyrics about everyday life. Folk pop with a punk aesthetic.


Born on separate continents on 1988, Music for Dead Birds are an Anti-Folk Duo form the West of Ireland formed in the summer of 2007. Our sound is based heavily around a quiet/loud dynamic using distorted acoustic guitars, drums and vocals. We released 'And then it rained for seven days', an 8-track mini album, with Rusted Rail in 2009 along with three ep's independently. We have recorded live sessions for both RTé 2fm and Rnag. We pride ourselves on our underground credibility and strive to constantly write, release and perform interesting songs for people from each corner of the earth.


"This Is What Happens When F&+ked Up People Have Children" debut EP, released 2007

"And Then It Rained For Seven Days..." Debut Album released on Rusted Rail Records in 2009

"Ball Of Wax Compilation" Featuring our track "The Sex", released in Seattle in 2009.

"2FM session" four tracks recorded for 2fm in Studio 8 Rte that aired on November 18th 2010.

Set List

1.Right Eye Open
2.Old Town
3.The Sex
4.Tired of Pigskin
5.Forever Wasted
6.Dead Pets
7.Magic Witch